Saturday, August 24, 2013

Can't Help Myself

There are a lot of ways we can lose control.  For many of us it's probably eating that takes on a life of it's own.  Not so much for me.  I love to.....hold on.....recycle and re-purpose.   I can lose control of myself doing that!

It's not really exciting or glamorous so I don't know why I'm so taken with it.  It just feels good and it could be much worse.  I could be hung up on collecting!  Oh horrors.  Bah hah!  What about you? 

I ran across a blog yesterday that really got me fired up.  Vivienne gets rid of 10 items a day!  She's going to do it for an entire year!   At first I thought I couldn't possibly do that..... then I said to myself, "Of course I can.  And what fun!"  So for just one week, I'm on it.  I'm just committing to a week but if it's a good week, I'll probably continue.

My project will include re-purposing, recycling, giving away, gifting, and selling.  My "rules" are:
  • Don't mess with somebody else's stuff, only what is mine.
  • Don't toss out anything that someone in this world can use.
  • If I sell something, make sure it is a win-win for both parties.
  • If someone wants something I don't want or need, give it to them.
  • Old art scraps, paints, mistakes, junk need to morph into something new and beautiful.
  • If I love it, I keep it, no matter what. 
So I'm off on a new project for 7 days.  Should be an interesting week.  I'll let you know. 

Friday, August 23, 2013


Today is Friday and appropriately, I just joined a Friday Group. It's a writing group.  You are given a's is "Last"...and you write free flowing style for 5-minutes.  You don't edit, sweat over the spelling and grammar, or make sure your thoughts are coherent.  You just write.  On the given topic.  For 5 minutes.  So here goes....

Last night I talked to an old friend who lived across the street from me for 22 years.  When we first met neither of us thought we would ever be close friends.  So don't put too much stock in first impressions!  Time flew by and she moved away.
Last night Cindy she told me she has Lymphoma B.  Whatever it is, I know it is evil and shouldn't be anywhere near my friend. 
Last time we walked wasn't fun because we knew it was our last daily 2 mile walk.  We tried to act normal but it just wasn't normal.  We talked about their going away party at my house and all that she still had to do before the truck came. We talked about how I would visit her and how she would visit me.  And we have done that.  But not enough.  I will go soon.  She lives at the beach.
Cindy will get well so the news is not all bad.  It just interrupts her new absolutely wonderful life with her new "most perfect man in the world".  In 6 months she will be better and all this will just be another story.  Man do we have the stories.
Cindy 'grew me up' and toughened me up.  She was a street smart, independent gal from New York and California.  I was a sweet girl from down South probably wearing pink.  Opposites...but not really.  She taught me to be strong, to say what I needed to say, that crying isn't the answer to everything but strong actions are.  She taught me that men need a list...and that they need praise and appreciation....for everything.
I taught Cindy about family and how the South does family.
Cindy and I learned to play tennis together.  She still plays.  We were partners for many seasons and were never accused of standing still.  Both of us were demons at the net back then.  So fun.  We learned how to be competitive, hard for 'girls' our age back then, especially when we were competing and scheming how to beat our friends. 
Last time I saw Cindy she took me to her favorite beach and we watched the sun set.  We'll do that again when I visit her next and celebrate her wellness with laughter and hugs.  And she will, no doubt, make chocolate chip cookies for the occasion.
Be well, my friend.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

There's This Dentist In Iowa...

Sometimes I think I'm from a different planet.  Did you see 20-20 last night on ABC?  I'd read the story in the newspaper about the 50ish year old dentist who "had feelings" for his long-time hygienist, but watching the story on TV with the real people and the commentary was something else.

I tweeted my response.  They asked us to. I was about the 65th listener to do so.  There were only 2 of us who felt the dentist did the right thing...almost.

The "almost" part, in my opinion, is he should have given her 6 months severance instead of 1 month.  Even if he had to mortgage his boat and skip a European vacation he should have done that.

BUT....really....he is a person who after working side by side with another person for 20 or so years, finds himself having out-of-control fantasy sexual feelings for her.  I believe you can totally control your behavior and the actions you choose to take, but it's pretty darn hard to control your feelings.  How do you keep thoughts and feelings from crossing your mind?  I have not idea.  I know I can't.

He didn't 'let her go' because she was too attractive even though that is what the headlines say.  He let her go because he was falling in love with her.  He is married.  His wife and he decided to work on their marriage...and so the hygienist had to go.  I get that. 

Isn't the dental office his business?  Doesn't he have the right to hire the right people for the job at the right time?  If he can no longer keep his mind on teeth in her presence, then someone has to go.  And again it is his business.

"I am so sorry that we can no longer work together because I am a weak person at this time of my life.  I will give you the best recommendation possible.  I want you to have 6 months of severance pay.  I regret having to do this but it seems the only solution."

Oh, well.  That's just me.  Evidently only 3% of Tweeters agree with me.  So, help me here.  Can we always control our feelings?  I mean if your favorite ice cream is in the freezer at all times, can you resist wanting it?  I know you can resist eating it but we are talking about feelings, not behavior.  Most of us would choose not to buy the ice at my house.  The ice cream had to go.  I like it too much.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mom's Hydrangeas

My sister put this on Facebook today.  She wouldn't care that I stole it.  I feel the same way she does.  Listen to the song if you have a minute.
Thanks Shirley.

"Went over to Mom's house a couple days ago, cut some of her flowers, and brought them home with me. She always liked for me to do that. She was an avid gardener. I love having her flowers alive in my kitchen! It's part of her, she planted them and nurtured them and it just makes me feel close to her today. I also ran across this song... I'm dedicating it to her. Miss her so much. Some days are harder than others. Today is one of those days. Someone posted this song  which expresses my rawness today. Thought I would share. Enjoy."

The only thing I can say is it still just doesn't seem right.  I just shake my head and ask, "What in the world happened?"