Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Not Quite Right

I got a card from a friend today that said:

"This must be a very hard time...

when everything is back to normal...

and yet, nothing is."

That is exactly where I am.  The new normal.  Life without a mom.  Life with no parent at all.  Doesn't matter how old I am.  Doesn't matter that I've been mothering her for quite awhile.  Nobody else on earth is really all about making sure I eat right.  Nobody else really can't sleep at night until they make sure I have enough cover.  Nobody else on earth really cares whether I bite my fingernails or not.  Silly, huh?  Maybe.  But real is real. And...
things just don't quite feel right yet. 


  1. Oh Sandra I have no words I wish I did.All I can share are my hugs. B

  2. Thanks B. I feel your hug! :) All is well.


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