Thursday, July 11, 2013

Check Out My New Etsy Shop

Grand Opening Today

July 11, 2013

Hello Everyone!  I hope you can take a moment out of your busy day to help me kick off my new Etsy shop.  I "set it up" in 2009, let it sit there neglected and forgotten, and it dried up just like an apple core in a desert.
I consider today it's first day.  Like Opening Day at the ball park.
You want everyone to show up for hotdogs and chips and the big game.
No hotdogs and chips here but I do hope you will show up for me and help my little shop find its place in the big world of Etsy. 
"What's in it?", you ask.  Well, about a dozen of my favorite paintings.
And each one has a story. 
I am a lover of color.  You can see that in my home, in my closet, and in my paintings.
Have fun looking around.   Click LIKE if you can or Follow if you are an Etsy lover.
Oh, and all you Etsy Shop Owners out there, please send me your link so I can visit your shop too!
Thank you for supporting me on Day 1 of something great!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I know you do. Me too. I love the depth I can get with oils.

  2. Die Farben sind echt schön :-)


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