Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Are You A Project Person?

If you are a project person, you know what that means.  If you are not, you may be wondering.

A project person must always have 'something' she is working on.  She may work on it in her mind for a long time before it actually happens, but she is working on it nevertheless.  A project person is really not the same as a planner.  A planner wants it all planned out, duh, with logical steps and timetables.  Planners feel in charge and in control of things...and they like it that way.  Are you a planner? 

Project people may also be planners, but not necessarily.  It's just that a project person wants to delve into 'something', preferable something new, possibly spontaneously without a lot of planning.  Finishing an old project just doesn't get it.  Projects flourish and expand and grow and feel good when they are new.  Makes me think a little of a love affair.  Yeah, it's kind of like that.  Ooh-la-la.

When I am project-less, I flounder a little.  I'm okay but not completely satisfied with my days and how I am using them.  I realized at mom's funeral service a couple weeks ago, that she and I had this in common.  It looked different....her projects and mine, but I know she loved them and felt lacking when she could no longer "do" projects.

My latest project is my Etsy store.  It's a huge challenge.  Yay!  Not so much setting it up.  That's easy.  Looking at my own art on screen is just fun, fun, fun.  Even if it just sits there.  Still fun.

Getting traffic to that new, baby Etsy store is another matter. It's challenging too but not in a fun way.  It's not the part I like.  Anyway, friends far and wide:  If all of you, or most of you, or some of you, hopped over and gave me a look or a like, that would help.  I'm not sure how all that works, but I know it helps.  And if you are an art-lover and have art-lovers in your life, or if you Tweet, please help me get this going. 

Normally my projects are just me, right here, contained, private.  But this one needs you.  Thanks for helping me.

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  1. i am SO not a project person. i might make a list of to-dos, then i get a roundtuit. :)


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