Monday, June 24, 2013

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This was taken last August.  Mother and I loved to come here and eat pizza... and what we considered the best "Greek Salad In The World". 
I'm so glad I have so many pictures.  I could write 1000 words on each one, but don't worry, I won't.  Time to reacquaint myself with the shower and begin to move on...
 I love the way Ivan Turgenev way back in 1862 stated it, "A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound."

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mother, RIP June 17, 2013

The unimaginable day arrived Monday, June 17, around noon.  My beloved mother of 93 years said goodbye to this earthly realm and joined the heavenly one.  These six days have been a unique life journey on their own ...touching my emotions at a very deep level.  In the coming days I will use my blog to write about Mother and work my way back from this twilight zone to reality.  But not today...
Looks like she was telling me something very important.  Even Soda is listening! :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunflower Painting Revisited

 Nothing is more simple or universal than the sunflower.

 I painted this little painting several years ago and I still have it.  I love the way it brings light and cheer to a dark corner. The painting is about the  choice we all have  to see any situation in the dark or in the light.  The photography is drastically different in the two shots.  One is overly dark and dismal and the other is polyanna-light.  The real painting is somewhere in between.

Oils 6" x 6"

Painted from a photograph my husband took 30 years ago!  I must have been a child bride. LOL.  I loved painting it.  

Vincent Van Gogh's Version

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Really, Really Old Songs

Tonight I'm spending the night at my mother's assisted living residence.  This is much better than the three previous nights sleeping on a cot in the hospital.  With a  heart attack and a cracked rib beginning to heal, she "got out of there" this afternoon and is now happily snoozing away in her own bed again.  It has been quite an experience. 

But I am sitting here wondering how to spend the evening.  Hmmm.  I could work a crossword puzzle, play on the computer, read, or watch TV.  Exciting stuff.  While I'm pondering this huge decision I just stop and listen a moment.  Live music begins to drift in and I know what it is. Same time every night a party!  Singing starts up and voices join in getting stronger and stronger.  Sweet Alice who remembers almost nothing anymore, does remember how to play her beloved piano and entertains nightly.  She has quite a following.  Sometimes I am one of them.  She plays by request and never turns anyone down. She knows every song and they know the words.  Here is what I've been hearing tonight.  Do you know these old songs?

You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine
In The Garden
When The Role Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me
Home On The Range
My Buddy
Anchors Away
Chattanooga Choo Choo
God Bless America
America The Beautiful
Count Your Blessings, Count Them One By One
It Took A Miracle
He Touched Me And Made Me Whole

And always lastly,
 Show Me The Way To Go Home


After that song the party's over.  Friends help friends find their rooms.  Everyone gets home.

Not much is better than this evening. It may sound boring to you but it is so sweet and soothing to me.  These are really old people.  One is 102.  Yet they are laughing, singing with friends, and ending their day together in joy and peace and music.  And all is well in their world.  How about yours?