Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gardening Without Gloves, Living Without Thought

Today was my day to plant flowers.  Purple waves all across the front of the house.  Here is what I'm envisioning once they mature.

Photo From The Garder's Companion

First  thing I had to do was thin out a big patch of overgrown mint (which I do not want), to make room for the lovely petunias (which I do want).

That is when I thought about what happened last week when I reached my naked hand into a bush to trim some dead leaves and a sudden, searing pain stabbed my gloveless hand. A vicous wasp attack that left me weak and wailing....yet realizing it was my own fault.

So today, once again carelessly gardening without gloves, reaching into overgrown patches I thought, "What if there is a snake in there?  What if a snake bites my hand?"  I decided, if that happened I would just call 911, and get them to save me.  About a minute passed and, you guessed it!  There is a snake right there.  Really.  It's amazing I didn't grab it!

It didn't bite me though.  I think he was just as glad I didn't bite him!  But it did cause me to think.   We all know our thoughts create our world. At least I think  most people agree with that to some degree. This was what I call a gentle reminder just for me of that very fact.  Did my thoughts have anything to do with the snake to showing up?   I don't know.  But as careless as I sometimes am with  thoughts and focus, I know I need little reminders to stay on track and live my life the way I choose.

So, okay, I will force myself to wear gloves when I garden... or be prepared to accept the consequences of wasp stings and snake bites, poison ivy, sunburn and scratches.  And I will watch my thoughts a little more carefully... or be prepared to accept the consequences.  And if I choose them more carefully I just might have a better day. 

And still, I know there is a big ole momma snake out there too....just in case I need a bigger reminder down the road.  God is so creative.   :)


  1. omg, that would make me die!

    nice post i really liked that first photo.

    have a great day!
    take care

  2. thanks for stopping by today. and yikes on the snake and wasp, i am more afraid of wasp and bees than snakes, and this snake is harmless, but i would not want to pick him up. i call bob and he removes them. but then i don't garden either. he does that.
    love the peppermint flowers below and yes, blogging has changed.

  3. Hey cuz...enjoy your posts. Put the gloves back on though!!! - Walter

  4. OK I am not a big fan of snakes but I have never had one in my garden so yes wear the gloves. Get dirty have fun:) B

  5. Love those purple petunias. I do gardening with no gloves on too. I have them but just don't like wearing them, can't stand them on my hands. Although it never fails, I always end up touching something that I would rather not :)

    1. I'm with you Ann but I guess we should just put em on and wear it or not.

  6. My Hybiscus is almost ready to bloom and I can hardly wait! It is one of those beautiful blue colors.

  7. I would have fainted! Loving your blog!

  8. Love the analogy with the snake.


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