Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blogging Isn't What It Used To Be

No, blogging is not what it used to be. 

Don't you agree?  Blogging has morphed into marketing and personal branding.  Everyone wants to make money online.  I'm all for that!  I make money on Ebay so I get it.  It's just that I thought blogging was about sharing our lives.  At least that is what I experienced.  It was safe, free, and pure.

After being away from my blog for 6 months or so, I returned to a new landscape.  Many posts read more like discount store ads than anything else.  I could get a masters degree in the business of coupons, freebies,  reviews, give-aways, free products,  promotion, surveys, and affiliate marketing.  Instead of sharing our lives and our insights, our humor, our creativity, it seems now about building a business.

So I just don't read those blogs anymore. 

I'd much rather learn about you and your every day lives around the globe.  I'm interested in your photography, your poetry, your ups and down, your humor, your stories.  Now, I don't know how last week's current event affected you.  I no longer know what happened to you when a flood or hurricane hit your town. I don't know if you knew anybody at the Boston Marathon.  I have no idea what a dinner at your house is like, or how the weather is treating you.   I don't know what you are reading or what you did on your birthday or where you went on vacation or if you are loving life or struggling with it. Your place in the world is once again far away and foreign to me. Impersonal. Cold.

Not to be overly dramatic but I often thought of "us bloggers" as tiny steppers toward "world peace".  Don't laugh. Sprinkling our unique experiences and wisdom around the globe had the potential to foster understanding among folks at a kitchen table in the Ukraine, on a back porch in Georgia, and at a theater in New York City. 

I do miss reading your philosophy and seeing how we all think.  I miss feeling your authenticity whether the joy of being in remission, sadness from loss, lack of balance, doubt, fear, appreciation, or celebration. 

Everyone blogs for different reasons. For me it is just about self expression....exchanging mine with yours for fun and for the greater good.

It is definitely not to find coupons and deals.  Although today... Walgreens has an 8x10 photo collage for free.  Oh, never mind.


  1. Oh Sandra I would love to make some money to keep my Blog up and running it is getting a little pricey with the cost of the internet and related expenses like photo overload and I understand why people have to put ads on their Blogs. I have yet to do that and not sure if I ever will but I will not rule it out. My need to Blog and share my world is more than just making money and I love to see what my Blogger friends are experiencing and I truly would miss that connection of purity but I can see why some people may have to do it.
    I cannot imagine how much the Blogger world has changed in your eyes after 6 months I do not think I could do it I truly would miss hearing about my Blogger Families lives and what they are thinking. Great thought provoking post Sandra. Welcome back. HUGS B

    1. Hi Buttons,
      I was just on my soapbox last night. Most of my followers are now totally coupony stuff with no other substance. I have ads on my site. I have my paintings in my sidebar and I'd love to sell them. I'm on Ebay and sell on Amazon and hope to sell on Etsy. But my posts are my sacred place to share thoughts and feelings. That's why I love your does too.


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