Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Very Good Day

Art, Nature, Music, Literature:  The best parts of life. 

I got to visit Turnipseed Nursery and Art Studio yesterday and visit with the "grower, designer, artist" Steven Stinchcomb.  His paintings are stacked and hung inside this little studio just rich with everything I love.

Isn't this one great?   Buttons, it reminds me of you.  One of these days I will paint one of your cows for you.  Hopefully in this lifetime. 

Steven paints much more than cows but these were really speaking to me yesterday.  Moo!
I hope your day is filled with things you love.  That was yesterday for me....and now I'll set out to make today just as good.


  1. Oh I LOVE those he is truly talented and i would be honoured to have you paint one of our lovely ladies someday.Thank you for thinking of me. Hugs B

  2. Sandra, thank you for visiting my blog. Love the top picture of the little house on the lake, it looks so peaceful. Even though I probably would not buy a painting of a cow it is easy to tell he is a good artist. And you are an encourager. Blessings.

  3. I love these paintings and Cows are so beautiful. Thanks for your comment on my post, and Happy Birthday to your 93 year old MOM.

  4. Cute cows. I love the pic at the top of the lake and the swan. Added you to my circle on google+


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