Monday, April 15, 2013

Taxes and The Post Office

Everyone is at the post office today.  It is the place to be.  I know because I was just there.  After all it IS April 15. 

Our taxes were actually submitted on line this morning.  That's the best way.  But Mom's needed a "check in the mail" so that was my task.

"Being Grateful In All Things" was the lesson in my Women's Group last night.  I knew it already.  And still, even knowing it, it isn't always easy to do.  When something we call 'bad' comes our way, it isn't natural to be glad, to be grateful.  But it is possible to think it through and look deeply until you can find a positive aspect.  Then we can begin to feel gratitude. 

I stood in a long line thinking about this and and decided it was a test.  Could I possibly feel gratitude about paying my taxes?  Can you?  Here's what I came up with.

1.  I'm grateful I have the money to pay them.
2.  I'm grateful I am getting a refund from the state even though the Feds never give me one.
3.  I'm grateful for all the services I receive that I surely take for granted every day.
4.  I'm grateful I can do my part.
5.  I'm grateful for all the jobs generated by the IRS.
6.  I'm grateful for the really nice/helpful lady at the counter.  Postal workers get a bad rap.
7.  I'm grateful for the two people who helped me get my car out of the jam in the parking lot.

I'm not going to pay taxes early, or voluntarily, but I did find it possible to move into gratitude during this experience.  Even with all this gratitude oozing from my pores, I know there's just got to be a better way when it comes to paying our fair share.  And I wonder in 5 years if we will even have a post office at all.  If we don't, I will miss it.

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