Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Favorite Tree

11" x 14"   Oils
Lavender Fields

I think this is only the second tree I've ever painted.  For some reason painting a tree has been daunting to me.

Trees are so could it not be daunting to try and capture their essence?  How could I possibly do them justice?  They represent so much don't they.  Strength, beauty, respite, shade, comfort, memories, and on and on.  Any tree you've planted in your yard probably has a story.

I remember my husband and my kids digging up a "huge" tree and moving it from the front yard to the back yard.  On a recent trip back, 25 years later, is "still there" and even "huger" than it was then.

I remember planting cuttings from my Grandfather's peach tree that eventually grew as tall as the house showering white blooms every Spring.  And forsythia bushes that practically became trees started from a snatch of roots from Nanny's yard in the 70s.  

Outside my window right now is a Japanese Maple Judy gave me...a friend right beyond the pane.

That's what a garden is to me.  In the South we call it "the yard".  More than the colors and blooms and textures and berries, all of which I love, it is the story that each plant tells that matters to me.  

So back to my tree.  I love it.  Isn't it beautiful?  I struggled with it.  It's looser and more layered than I usually paint.  My friend helped me.  He could see what I couldn't.  Together we made quite a work of art I think.  And I am confident enough now to paint another tree and it will be a dogwood. 

There is a big story about dogwood trees...
 Just waiting for them to bloom.  

Stay tuned.