Friday, January 11, 2013

One Reason I Hate Guns

could take a serious approach to this post but that's been done a thousand times.

could 'be real' in this post and write about the time I watched my neighbor shoot his wife 5 times and watched her fall dead in the driveway..... as their 2 little boys rode their bikes down the street.  But that is too painful and too true.

could site many statistics and prove that most guns are used to shoot the ones we love the most.  But that gets too serious too.

So, I'm going for comic relief.  My husband read this story to me this morning and we laughed until we almost fell out of our kitchen table chairs.  Not that it is funny.  It isn't.  It's dreadful.  But forget, for a moment, that it is real and read it like Jay Leno is telling it. It's okay to laugh.

"Woman Aiming At Puppy Kills Husband"
Sited directly from AJC, July 17, 2011

Police in Mississippi said a woman opened fire on a puppy that had threatened children, but...wound up shooting and killing her husband.  Witnesses told police that their pit bull puppy named
 (get ready for this),
had lunged at some children.  When the husband came to pick the dog up, police said, Betty, his wife, fired twice, hitting her husband once in the chest.  "Oops!  My bad.", says Betty.  Police spokeswoman  said the death appeared to have been accidental.

I was just wondering about naming that sweet little puppy "Cocaine".  Of all the dog names we've considered in the past, we just never thought of that one.  And, oh yeah, whenever I've taken our little puppy for a walk around children, it just never has occurred to me to pack a gun.

And I'm just envisioning how much easier it would have been to pull on a leash, than to fish around in your pocket for a gun, then aim at a moving target, with children playing nearby.  Hmmmm.  Leash?  I sorta doubt it.  Maybe a novel approach when walking a temperamental dog that you love, is to have a leash with you instead of a gun!


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