Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Been Too Long

Oh my poor neglected blog!  It's gone a long time untended.  At least it is still here and hasn't been deleted by Google or the powers that be!

I haven't been in a writing mood for awhile.  Much has been going on in my life.  Enough said about that.  Decided to post some artwork just for fun.  Always a joy for me!

Original Oil on 12 x 16
Canvas Board

"Storm Approaching"
Original Oil Framed 23 x 29
Framed Canvas

What do you create?  I'd love to see.  Please share!!!


  1. Oh Sandra welcome back if only for a little while. You have an incredible talent I can see you are way to busy enjoying your art to blog. You are forgiven and I am so happy you are exploring and enjoying this part of your life. Hope o see you here again soon but if not I know you are happily painting. Yeah Hugs B

  2. Oh how very sweet! Thank you for dropping by! I haven't painted at all. I did these way back. Hopefully I will soon though. Hope you are well. S.


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