Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Painting Moments: Cowboy Hat on Chair

Painting Moments: Cowboy Hat on Chair


Found this site today and got a fresh dose of inspiration.  I'm working on my first painting with cowboy hats so this inspiration piece is just what I need today.

Nance Danforth is an amazingly realistic contemporary painter.  I just love her work.  Go look!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Very First Rodeo

Last night I went to my first rodeo.  The "Pro-Rodeo Circuit" came to my little town!  We put on our jeans and plaid shirts and off we went.  The most popular outfit of  the evening, however, was teeny tiny teeny tiny blue jean shorts, sequin belt, a sexy top, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots.  Adorable really...on a few of them.  The rest would have been better off dressed like me.

Now that my husband has retired we go to more things like this.  We always passed them up in the past because he was always "exhausted" and had "so much work to do".  Now, all of that has gone away and, if I am not caring for mom, we are free.  That's a big if...but last night we were free.

It was a blast.  Part of me has always wanted to be a cowgirl since wearing my fringed cowgirl outfit as a kid and reading Annie Oakley.  Putting a rope around my bike and telling it to "Whoa" and "Giddyup" was about as close as I got to a horse or to being a cowgirl.  

Last week we actually went horseback riding!  On a real horse in the mountains.  And this week the rodeo!  My, oh my, what a treat for me!  So today my creative juices are flowing and I've decided to paint one of the rodeo photos Larry took last night.  I love this one.  It's all about the hats.  I want one too!

I'll show you how it turns out when I finish it.  Today is the drawing.  Maybe I'll start painting it tomorrow.

Below is a totally different simple oil painting that I love.  I know I love it because of the colors.  They are a bit bright but I did that intentionally.  The important thing is I am actually picking up a pencil and a brush again!  

Thanks for sharing this excitement with me. 

Happy Saturday!