Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lock Me In A Room

This morning I wish someone would lock me in my favorite room, i.e. my studio, for a week and not let me out except to go to the bathroom and bring me food and water so I would create every minute every day for a week.  And I could if I would but.....I also want to finish reading Fern Michael's Kentucky Rich series, finish my book club book Omnivore's Dilemma, read about painting and making collages, do the laundry, take a bubble bath, go to the gym, see my friends, play with my art supplies, do a crossword puzzle, clean, organize my hundreds of digital photos, read blogs, and check on my mom.

Those are all my excuses for not creating everyday.  I have to go somewhere in 90 minutes and it takes 45 minutes to get ready to go....soooooo I have 45 minutes to create.  I will post it tomorrow...whatever it is.  And that is a promise to myself.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random Acts Of Kindness vs Senseless Acts Of Violence

Random acts of kindness vs Senseless acts of violence.

Maybe that's what it comes down to.  Two ends of the spectrum present themselves as we hurry through our daily lives.  We choose.  Constantly.

I'm guessing most of us run on automatic.  We've either trained ourselves to see things in a positive light...or not.  To be kind...or maybe not.  Maybe we're just neutral.  Surely we are not violent are we?  I mean we don't shoot people.  We don't even hit people.  We don't even yell at people.  Do we?

We're not even sarcastic throwing violent words and phrases against others.  Are we?  We don't squash bugs when we could put them outside.  Do we?  We don't keep guns under the bed just in case we need to blow someone away.  Do we?

So check it off.  We are not violent.  We are kind.

Hearing my son's voice Thursday morning from Denver and knowing he was safe was the best Thursday morning gift I could have received.  A dozen or so families didn't get that gift.  We can't figure out what happened or make sense of it.  All we can do is respond by living our lives in awareness of those around us.  We can be kind to everyone, to all creatures.

May we grab that random act of kindness phrase that is so over-used and may we put it into action everyday.  Across the breakfast table is a good place to start.  

Peace and Love,