Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm off to the Cherry Blossom Festival today.  I grew up in Macon and lived there until I was 21.  My parents lived there all of their married life.  It is a large enough city and is spread out all over rather than concentrated like Manhattan.  Even so, it's hard to go there, especially with my mother, and not see people you know from back in the day.  
One of Macon's finest, Bill Fickling, gave almost 200,000 seedling to the city and had them planted "everywhere".  It's hard to ride around Macon with your eyes open and not to see Cherry trees.  In addition he planted acres and acres of Yoshino Cherry trees on his a breathtaking view for all who drive past.

So today I am going "home", taking my 92 year old mother with me.  We will see all the old places, eat wherever and whatever she wants and feast our eyes on the blossoms.  The big arts show downtown will be the highlight of my day!

Everything in Macon is pink this week.  Bows, door decorations, and mailbox toppers.  Even French poodles are dyes pink for the week.  Poor things.  

Have fun wherever you are...and just like these Cherry trees, "Bloom where you are planted."

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  1. What fun!! Sounds like a lovely day! I'm enjoying the cherry trees here, too!


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