Friday, March 30, 2012

If You Win The Lottery Tonight

There is a BIG Lottery drawing tonight!  Estimated winnings are $640 million!  I mean, really, does anyone need that much?  Of course, it's not about need is it.  Money you need doesn't come from a lottery.  Usually you work for your bread and butter, to cover your bases, to make the rent.  We don't count on winning the lottery to survive.

Everyone is talking about this one.  They're talking about whether or not they are going to buy a ticket,  how much they're going to spend, and what they'll do if they win.  Here are some comments I have heard today.
  • "You can't win if you don't buy a ticket."
  • "You have a 600 times greater chance of getting struck by lightening today than winning tonight." I'm sure it's even more dramatic by now.
  • "I'm going to buy a beach house if I win."
  • "I'm buying a Harley."
  • "I'm making my kids rich."
  • "I'm getting a Corvette."
  • "You have the same chance of winning whether you buy one ticket or 100."  What do you think about that statement?
  • "I'm buying a state of the art health club and everyone can come free."
  • "I'm spending $1000 on tickets."  Ouch.
  • "If God wants me to win, I don't need to buy but one ticket."
  • "If I win, you won't see me again."
And on and on it goes.  What fun, exciting energy all this anticipation is bringing!  It's so much better than news of a shooting by a neighborhood watch guy or gas prices continuing to go up.  It's fun to hear everyone dreaming out loud.  Dreaming big.  "Just what if...?"  I bet you've done it before too.  "If I win, I am going to...."

So have fun with it.  Buy a ticket if you're willing to stand in line.  Wish the winner(s) the best.  It's a lot more fun than paying taxes and, of course, the government will get a large chunk of the money.  They must be excited!

Are you buying?  I am.  Just one ticket.....if the line isn't too long.


  1. I've never bought a lottery ticket, but you never know what will happen! Good luck to you!

  2. I bought three numbers. I didn't win.

  3. I never actually bought one...

  4. "It's fun to hear everyone dreaming out loud. Dreaming big. "Just what if...?" I bet you've done it before too. "If I win, I am going to....""

    With my mum, it's never "if", it's always "when". If I had a pound for every time I've heard the "When I win the Lottery, I'm going to tell them where to stick this job!" rant, I'd have absolutely no excuse for buying a ticket myself.

    But realistically...? I think I'd panic. I bet winning the Lottery isn't the "Next stop, Barbados!" experience that everyone imagines. For me, it would be something absolutely terrifying. Whichever way you look at it, winning the Lottery opens you up to all kinds of attention. That might be people you've passed on the street who are suddenly under the impression that they're old friends, begging letters or even threats.

    Me, I like to think that I'd have the sense to figure out what sum of money would guarantee me financial security for the rest of my life, then put that sum away. That way, I'd always have something to fall back on if I was an idiot and blew the rest of the winnings. After that, I'd pay off my mortgage.

    But afterwards? The things I like best are gaming and travelling. So there'd be more holidays and less waiting around for games to come down in price. But before buying anything major, I'd ask myself whether I wanted it before the Lottery win or not. And if not, I'd question whether I truly want it, or if it would just be a status symbol.


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