Saturday, February 4, 2012

Strong Bones and Too Much Fat

Remember I am in a study at the local University that is focusing on folks over 60.  It is rather a baseline study, I think, to learn more about aging...specifically exercise, memory, and general well being.  Last Friday I concluded my part and I will walk you through that morning.

First of all it is a wet day, grey, and a little windy.  Just enough wind to permeate your hair with a fine mist.  When I am in need of a haircut, like now, I keep a few fat rollers in the car to "pump up the volume"  while on the way to my destination, especially on wet, bad hair days.  Well, wouldn't you know it, while intently listening to my GPS (on the way to the memory study), I forgot all about the rollers.  So I find my parking deck and set off through this walking campus to find the building and room number I need.  I am just loving being among students in this college campus atmosphere....students rushing, carrying coffees, listening to tunes.  It's been a long time.

I find the room, say hello, and head to the bathroom as I am a little early.  I get to the sink to wash my hands, and, OMGosh!!!!, you guessed it.  The rollers are still in place!  Why didn't someone tell me???
Oh well, enough about that.  You do have to be able to laugh at yourself every now and then, huh?

The test results?  Good news first.  The DEXA scan showed my bones are now equivalent to those of the average 30 year old!  I have been working on this goal for about a year so I am thrilled.  Other good news.  My weight is fine.  Don't need to lose any.  My BMI is good too.  But, and it's a big one, my body composition is 40% fat!  Now that was astounding to me.  Really astounding.  I am not a heavy person.  Ironically, the Health PhD Dr. says,  if I lose weight it is likely my fat percentage would increase as it is a percentage of my overall weight.  So, for me, 2-3 times a week at the gym is not enough.  It could be enough.  It all depends on how I use my time there.

If you, (or your mom most likely), is a "post menopausal woman", you could be in the same boat with me.  Due to hormonal changes, the lean muscle we naturally lose while aging is replaced by fat.  And, heart-wise, it is not good to have fatty tissue laying on and around your organs.  What to do?  They call it resistance training.  You can "lift weights", use stretchy bands, use dumbbells, machines, whatever.  So I will continue my yoga and pilates and occasional spin class, AND, while I am there, you will find me pushing weight around 3-5 days a week.

I am very goal oriented and project oriented so I am happy to have this to work on.  Now that I have been set free from the proverbial 9 to 5, a little daily structure is a good thing.

Isn't life grand?  There is always a growing edge, something to work for, to reach for, to expand.  I love adding those kinds of things to my every day grocery store to-do list.  And what are you working on this heart healthy February?  Speaking it out loud will garner support back to you.  Just like you are sending me right now.


  1. i'm laughing at the rollers! (that's why i keep my hair pixie short!)

    thanks for stopping in!

  2. Thanks Sandra for the info. Glad your bones are healthy. Blessings.

  3. Great story about the hair rollers! And isn't it wonderful that we can actually strengthen our bones through exercise? My bone density predictably decreased after 50, but then, after several years of taekwondo, a retest showed that my bone density had increased.

    Good luck with your new exercise program. You'll do great, I'm sure.

    1. I've never tried taekwondo but I'm sure I'd like it. Glad to know it is effective. I've always heard it was good for you.


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