Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Looking For A Book To Read?

My Book Club just finished reading Minding Frankie by Irish writer Maeve Binchy.  This is her latest in a string of novels and takes place in her native land of Ireland.

Unlike some of my friends, I don't really read to learn something new.  If I am interested in learning something, I will read non-fiction.  But fiction, to me, is just for fun and I thought this novel was fun.  It's very light and easy to pick up and put down reading 15 minutes at a time or in a couple afternoons....once you get all the characters down.

I'll just say it is a sweet story with a little romance, betrayal, psychology, friendship, loss, and  familial love set in a contemporary time with a small town village feel.  Everyone knows everyone and soon you feel like you do too.  If you've been looking for an easy, fun read, you can probably find this one at your library.

What kind of books do you like to read?  I have found that even though there are run away best sellers, I was completely wrong in assuming most of us like the same kinds of books.  This club of my peers has picked books I would NEVER have read on my own.  What one loves, another finds totally unlikable.

And, you probably knew this was coming, "you surely can't tell a book by it's cover!"


  1. My mother-in-law's favourite author, perhaps I'll read this one day.

    1. I'm reading a previous book of hers now called Heart and Soul with some of the same characters. Nice continuity.

  2. Hi Sandra that book sounds interesting to me. I am in the process of reading those personal diaries again from 1943-44. Fascinating. I am also reading The Anatomy of Poverty. by Terry Copp. It is about Montreal Canada in 1887-1929 and the working class. I am such a nerd in history:) B

  3. Love personal diaries. Not so much a history buff though...unless it tells a good story. I'm all about the story.


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