Thursday, February 23, 2012

Are You Psychic?

Do you know anyone who is psychic?  Do you think anyone is?

Right now I am listening to Mary Higgins Clark's bestseller, Before I Say Goodbye, on tape.  Nell, the main character in the story,  loses her husband the very day after they have a big fight.  Her sorrow and grief is compounded with guilt, which leads her to a medium who communicates with "the dead".  It brings Nell much comfort when her husband, Adam, relays that he is fine and  wants her to go on with her life guilt-free.  Whew!  Good man.

But in real life, do you believe?  Have you had any quirky things happen that could lead you to believe, or at least wonder, or maybe to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that those who go before us send messages back to us?

I would guess that most of us believe that life is eternal, that death is nothing to dread in itself, and that the best is yet to come.  That doesn't lessen the sadness we feel when loved ones leave this plane.  We are still here.  They are not.  We cannot hug them and be hugged back.  We cannot look upon their face.  We miss them.

And, yet, maybe their energy and their love is still here for us.  Maybe there are those among us who can communicate and share their messages with us.

Tomorrow I'll be taking a little trip in my car and I'll find out what happens next in this mystery.  I'll eventually know "who dun it" and why and all the twists and turns.  But I won't find out if Adam's message to Nell is really from him or merely comfort bestowed upon her by the psychic.

What do I think?  I think it's really Adam.  I think it's real.  What do you think?


  1. Well I went to a medium once. I am a skeptic but she did not know anything about me just my first name and she listed off people in my life who have passed and information very personal that only I would know. I am still not sure but I was certainly impressed. My Dad died 6 months later and she nailed it.She described a photo on my dresser it was very bizarre. My Dad did not know he had lung cancer and she did not know his name but she told me how it was to happen and his name.. What do you think? a very strange area. After that I know there is something to it. It was just too real.
    I used to read Mary Higgins Clark all the time I will have to check this one out. B

    1. B, I've never been to a psychic but I "know people who have". My story: I was on my way to the hospital when Dad had a skin graft scheduled. I had a "lung cancer" dream the night before...and had to stop the car and vomit on the way down. Within hours of my arrival he was diagnosed with aggressive inoperable lung cancer...out of the blue. Hmmmm....I think a part of me knew...???

  2. I believe but nothing has happened to me personally.

  3. I believe they are real from some of my own experiences, but there are too many fake ones out there to get your money that they make it hard for the real ones to get credit. I would like to visit a real one, but I don't know who's real!

    1. You're right Sarah! How do you know??? I'm not sure I want to visit one. One of my friends wants to do that for her bday.


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