Friday, January 27, 2012

Exercise and Memory Decline

There is a study going on that is looking at the relationship between exercise and memory.  It seems like the verdict is already in on this so I'm not quite sure why this study is going on but it is.....and I'm in it.  Actually I think it's just a baseline and the "real" study will seek to specifically address what kind of exercise and how much it takes to stay mentally strong.

Anyway that comes later.  Yesterday was the first part of the study.  I was given 3 words to remember for later recall.  That was fine. I still remember chocolate, strange, and yesterday after 24 hours. Yay!  Then I had to connect randomly scattered numbers and letters all over a paper (1 to A to 2 to B to 3 to C...).  So far so good.  Then I had to read out the colors 25-30 words were printed in...while being timed.  Here is an example.

RED           GREEN             YELLOW            BLUE   (Answers: blue,yellow,red,green)

Today is part 2, the physical fitness part.  Since I exercise a lot that will be a piece of cake.  I also get a Bone Density test today including data like BMI and Fat Percentage (UGH).  So I'm off for an exciting day at the college!  I have my fingers crossed for good "bone numbers".  'Not so good' bone numbers run in my family so I'm eager to find out how I'm doing at 64.  I'll let you know.

You?  Go take a walk or get some weight bearing exercise somehow today.  You'll feel better and your bones will thank you.

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