Monday, January 16, 2012

Consider Your Butt Already Whipped

"Consider your butt already whipped."

When your new instructor at the gym walks in with this on her shirt, just wonder what is coming!
You are not sure whether to 'leave now' or take a deep breath and go for it.

Just remember:

Never leave!
It's just a scare tactic.
What doesn't kill you will make you stronger. 
You can do it!
It will make you stronger.
Drink water.
Come back tomorrow and do it all again.

We all need our exercise.  Find something you like to do and make it a real part of your life.

Your bones will be stronger
Your heart will be healthier
Your weight will go down
Your jeans will fit better.
You can have dessert.
You will sleep better.

How do you get your exercise?


  1. at the moment from walking the dog and a little bit of yoga.

    1. Yoga is one of my favorites. So relaxing and still gets the job done. Wish I liked walking the dog...I usually leave it to my husband.

  2. LOL! I've been going to the gym with a couple of my girlfriends for the past week or two. They bring their kids, so we can use the much less populated "Mommy Gym" and not have to worry about feeling silly in front of all the super-fit soldiers in the main room. I can just imagine what our faces would look like if a gym instructors came in wearing a shirt like that...jaws would drop. ;)

    1. It was funny! She did it just to get a laugh but is a bit of a drill seargent style!

  3. 30 minutes with my Jillian dvd every morning... ok... not every morning... every other morning... alright... maybe not every other morning... maybe once a week...


  4. JAM, Good for you. I have wondered if the videos would be good....and if I could motivate myself to do them all by myself! Today was yoga and that I really love.

  5. Very funny! Glad you're able to work out! Read about your doctor's visit and I do the calcium! The recipe for my mac and cheese is listed under the recipe tab on my blog. Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed looking around your blog! Enjoy your day!


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