Thursday, January 19, 2012

And Speaking Of Sleeping More...

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Not sleeping enough has been one of my trademarks over the years.  I'm not especially proud of that.  It's just a fact.  I've always liked to stay up late.   Therefore I was sleepy a lot.  Past tense.

There was the time I actually went to sleep while walking on the treadmill.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I went to the gym before work, 5:30 AM, so I would be feeling good looking good when I walked down the aisle as mother of the groom. You know how that is.   So, in case you wondered, when you go to sleep walking on the treadmill, you actually fall off the machine....or rather you are thrown off. To the floor.  Not fun.  And one of my most embarrassing moments!

And then there was the time I was driving home from work and I was so very sleepy.  I had "fought" sleepiness all the way home.  I had chewed gum, let cold air blow in my face, and turned the radio up loud.  As I rounded the corner in my subdivision I relaxed just enough  to drift off and I never straightened up from that turn.  Instead I crashed into a parked car!  Another embarrassing moment.  And a very thankful moment that no one and no pets were on the sidewalk or in the car.  Whew!

Now I sleep more.  I don't burn the candle at both ends anymore.  And I'm glad because it's not only safer (!), it's very healthy.  We all know sleep makes you look better by giving you that fresh, rested look.  And it also helps lower your blood pressure, boosts your memory, and renews your body everyday.

We are hearing more about inflammation these days and how it makes us age faster.  So now that scientists know that sleep helps reduce inflammation, we have even another reason to hit the sheets earlier.

So if you want to help your heart, reduce stress and depression, lose weight, look better and be healthier just spend a little more time in your crib.

How long do you sleep every night?  Do you take naps?  Do you wish you could sleep longer?  Share your embarrassing sleep moments tso I won't feel like the only one!

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