Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1000 Mile Checkup

A morning in the stirrups is the ultimate 'back to reality' check I suppose.  I was a little overdue for my yearly checkup so today was the day to get 'er done.  Nice to check this one off the to-do list.  It's been sitting there too long.

Verdict:  Lady box is just fine.  Boobs are just fine.  Weight's up a little.  Height's down a little.  Wish it were the other way around.  I asked my doctor, "What are the top 3 things women (my age) can do for their health?"  Without hesitation she said:

Vitamin D

Her next take away was this:  "Don't look back at the past. Don't look at the future.  Just enjoy today.  Just enjoy", she reiterated.  What a great prescription!

I'm glad the holidays are over and we are finally back to "normal".  I love "normal".  And now I have it back.  Just a normal check up and drive home.  And then there was this sign on the side of the road.  Isn't it cool?  To whoever painted it, "Thank you.  I love it!"



  1. Replies
    1. Me too Cathy! I loved seeing something like that at a major traffic intersection.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog :)
    I came for a peek and stayed awhile:) and I agree with your Dr. that is great advice.

  3. I'll have to make a sign for myself that says, exercise, calcium and vitamin D. AND live for today!
    I love that! and I love that sign!
    What a great thing for someone to do.
    Great post!!!!!

  4. Susan, I bought my Calcium and D on the way home. I am not good with meds!

  5. I like the way your doctor thinks! :)

  6. Sandra, I found your lovely blog through your comment on Blogger Buzz about the new commenting feature. I'm going to come back to your blog in a couple of days when I have the time to enjoy it, but today I'm just trying to deal with Blogger and thought perhaps you could help me. If you go to my blog, delightfulrepast.com, click on Comments, it simply freezes up!

    1. Jean...looks like you have you issue solved. Didn't see any freezing. Looked good. Let me know otherwise. Glad to help.

  7. Sandra, your blog is just the breath of fresh air all we busy women need. Your doctor's words, "Don't look back at the past. Don't look at the future. Just enjoy today. Just enjoy," are wise words indeed, ones I try to live by every day. (It takes conscious effort!) A note about the exercise: All we "women of a certain age" need weight-bearing exercise for our bones, and I recommend weight training. It will also help us preserve our muscle mass. (About the "issue": Still having the issue when I use my usual browsers, AOL or Internet Explorer. But I've managed to get going by downloading Google's Chrome browser and have posted a comforting winter recipe.)

  8. I agree. Weight bearing is best for our bones and muscle mass. Start off slow and build up. Better to take your time and not create an injury...


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