Monday, December 26, 2011

Your Day After Christmas

Dealing with another Monday? (Thanks Mike.)

 Recovering from all the fun?

Still basking in the glow?

What is your day like today? 


  1. Hey Hey Hey Ms. Sandra!!
    OMC you must have ESP to ask how our day has been!! Mom decided to walk up to the UPS store to mail a is really nice in NC today. She came home invigorated only to find me sleeping under the comforter on their bed. I have lots of hair an rarely do this but she thinks I was trying to recover from too much Christmas company. MOL Other than that we're doing pretty good. We love your post today...Mom said she and Dad are avoiding the malls like the plague
    Hugs Madi

  2. happy to say, my day has been very quiet and almost 'normal'. :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! really appreciate it! blessings to you and yours for the new year!!!

  3. I'm having a lazy day. I'm enjoying the last of my peace and quiet before returning to work tomorrow. Hope Santa was good to you.

  4. that calendar is a hoot! i might get tired of looking at whoever is in charge of the year though. ;o)

  5. Well now the holidays seem like forever ago, but on December 26th I was definitely still baskingin the glow. My parents' anniversary is Dec. 26th so it prolongs our holiday season ;) (fine by me!)


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