Sunday, December 4, 2011

What Is Working In Your Life?

Did you hear the story of the elderly lady, probably in her 90s, and her first day in Assisted Living?  As she was shown into her new home, her new room, she exclaimed, "Oh, everything is just so lovely."

Problem was, she was completely blind.  She could see nothing.  She didn't know what her room looked like, if it had a window, if it was light or dark, large or small, or what color the bedspread was.  Still, she had decided she would love her new home.  She constructed "lovely" in her mind and that was where she would live.

I hope, when I am 90, I will have such an uplifting attitude. I plan to.  I hope I will remember that it is always my choice how I view things...including things I cannot see.

On my sidebar there are 5-6 statements that I live by.  I believe all of them at my core.  The one I am focusing on today, as I write this, is "Appreciate what is working in your life."  

Think nothing is working in your life?  Look again.  You may need to use your "inner eyes" as well.



  1. Me Too!! I hope not to be a crabby old lady. Yesterday was not a good day for me and my poor Hubs got the brunt of it.

    I think my problem right now is toxins. I have been doing a cleanse and when toxins come out, it makes me grumpy.

  2. Well least you recognize it AND the toxins are coming out!!! It's awfully easy to lay the blame on someone else. I know I've done it.

  3. It sounds so cliche, but we really do get to choose how we respond to things in our daily lives. Thank you for a lovely reminder.

  4. Oh these are very good words to live by. I love your list. I also love this story my Mom is the same way I hope I too am like that. I know I try to live everyday with a smile and be very grateful of all I have received and blessed with. I have had some hard knocks and that is why I guess I always appreciate the good things, and tolerate the bad till it passes, and it always does. Great post Sandra. B


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