Thursday, December 1, 2011

Autism And Puppies

Aren't these the most adorable puppies you've ever seen?  Don't you just want to reach out and hug them?  They live near Fernandina Beach, Florida and are in training to become service dogs for people diagnosed with autism.  They don't look like they are "in training" do they?  But they are.

While learning to serve,  these dogs go everywhere with the current owner/trainer.  Whether it is to church, the courtroom, public transportation, a concert......doesn't matter.  It's very important for the dogs to be comfortable and "know the routine" in every situation.  They are taught to follow their master's commands no matter where they are and under all circumstances.

Some families choose to train their own service dog rather than get one from the agencies that specialize in this service.  It is nice to know both options exist.  Kind of like home-schooling I guess.  Both can work.  Speaking of schools, more and more schools are allowing service into classrooms to assist children who need them.  Petitions are underway if you'd like to further support this cause with your signature.  I just did.

What a lifesaving gift these beautiful dogs are for people who need them.  It seems they are the best form of medicine once they are trained and understand their role.   I don't begin to know scientifically or medically how this works with a brain struggling with autism, but it seems puppy hugs and puppy love reach everyone.


  1. A wonderful post. My husband and I used to work with children with 'disadvantaged' children and those with learning difficulties and we often took our dog (Peg) on residential weekends with us. The kids loved her and many responded to her in a way they never did with any human, stroking her, some were even overheard telling her their worries.

  2. Oh how cute they are and they are going to be doing such an important job. Thanks so much for the great post!!

  3. Yes, Petty and Candida, they are truly future heroes. Heroes in training we could say.

  4. Wow this is funny I have a Nephew who has one of these talented dogs. It is his constant companion as he is autistic. He was a very expensive fellow but is truly worth it. He is a lab.

  5. We have six dogs so I can well relate to their value as companions.

  6. I'm seeing more and more service dogs around. Or maybe I'm just noticing them now. Wonderful idea!


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