Friday, December 16, 2011

4 Reasons Sad Christmas Songs Should Be Banned

1.  They are sad!  Who wants to be sad during the holidays?  When someone says, "I want to get in the Christmas Spirit", they do not mean they want to get sad!

2.  Even though we are in charge of our own emotions and nobody "makes" us feel a certain way, let's just say "I'll Have A Blue Christmas" does not help us get to our happy place.

3.  When bad things happen at Christmas, who wants to be reminded of them?  Like you could possibly  forget if you tried.  In 1990 I spent Christmas Day with my Dad in a hospital room.  I couldn't have possibly cared less for Christmas that year except I wanted it to be good, i.e. magical, for my kids.  I like to revisit those memories on my own time, not because I am catapulted back there by a song bent on wrecking my day.

4.  "I'll Be Home For Christmas".  There are many people who cannot "count on that" as the song says.  They are driving around in their car listening to "Here Comes Santa Claus" and all of a sudden....."I'll Be Home For Christmas" drones in.  It's sad because he'll only be there in his heart.  Well, duh.  On Christmas morning that's just not the same.  It just doesn't get it unless they walk in the door like in the Folger's coffee commercial and you can hug them.  You know the one where Mom shuffles down the stairs in her robe at dawn and there, in her very own kitchen, is her beloved and adored Peter.  He's in-person.  He didn't just send his heart!  This is a good sad!

Christmas carries it's share of sadness.  It is not all about Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.  That's just the fun part we try to create and recreate and recreate.  Isn't it also such a poignant time.  "Silent Night" is so holy and reverent.  "Sleeping in heavenly peace" is the ultimate joy for so many who are distracted by the stresses of the day.  Christmas is 'designed' to tug at our hearts.  It is about connecting at a heart level.  It's like we all understand for a few minutes at Christmas that we are really all one.  We demonstrate it with the sameness and uniqueness of our celebrations, our decorations, and yes, our music.  That is why it is magical.  Maybe that is what Jesus came to teach us.  Connections, love, oneness.  And even though we may experience sadness, and these songs don't help, that is not what he came to say.

"And the angel said to them, “Do not be sad. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all people."    Luke 2:10 

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