Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Does Your Car Say About You?

Picture this. A man pulled in next to my car in a mall parking lot. Before he got out of his car, he tossed his empty fast food bag in the back seat. Just threw it over his shoulder, got out and went about his business. Out of curiosity I glanced in the back of his car and saw a back seat full, completely full.....up to the top of the front seat.....of empty fast food wrappers! Immediately my mind began to concoct a story that could be his. There were not too many admirable attributes in that story.

After that I started thinking how much our vehicles really do say about us. Most of us spend many hours in our cars and they become almost an extension of our homes. I'll analyze "my car and me".

I drive a 2005 Toyota Camry with a little over 100,000. On the back of my car is a bike rack that's been there a month and there is a yoga mat rolled up and lying in the back window. Peeking inside you'll see at least one 'book on tape' and a sturdy felt box containing makeup, hairbrush, gum, sunglasses, CDs, checkbook, paper towels, a novel, and a skirt for the cleaners. You might see a cup from a fast food place. The front windshield has a small crack that has been sealed but not replaced and there is a tiny dent in the side. Not perfect, that's for sure.

There are two stickers on the back window. One eludes to the "journey within" and advertises my church. The other says "Total Health And Fitness", the name of my gym.

Now think about your car, or truck. Tell me how you describe it? What could I learn about you from sneaking a peak? Is it generic or does it have "you" written all over it?

The story running in your mind about me is probably that of a rather financially conservative driver who expects to get her money's worth and wants a car that almost never has any trouble. Someone who loves physical fitness and being read to. Someone who always wants to know more about spiritual things and considers that a big part of life. Maybe someone who has no children or maybe whose children are grown(that's the case), since there are no toys or apple cores in the backseat, and no Soccer stickers on the windows.

I don't know that I am really a Camry at heart. I'm thinking maybe a Ford Focus hatchback next time.

And definitely made in the USA!


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