Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Passing The Turkey Baton

The baton has been passed at my house.

I am not cooking the turkey this year.  Neither is anyone else in my generation of the family.  So even though I will be making my own famous sweet potato casserole, trying to reproduce my mother's southern creamed corn, and my mother-in-law's special frozen cranberry salad, my son will be cooking the turkey.
He's 35 now!

I am so delighted.  First of all, he is a good cook!  Secondly, he is enlisting the help of his two younger male cousins and teaching them to cook.  Thirdly, it just feels so good to have him step up and take over the most important role of Thanksgiving lunch.  I couldn't be more proud and I can't wait to taste it!

So I go to the gym for an extra workout to cover tomorrow's meal, then stop by Kroger with everyone else.  I think today must be their Black Friday, the biggest food shopping day of the year.  I went for the fresh yams over the canned ones, peeled them, chopped them, boiled them, mashed them, and topped them.

As I plowed through all this knife work, I had a dialogue with myself.  "I'm really glad I am the one making this dish because these potatoes are really hard and it would be so easy to cut your finger off!".  That is exactly what I said to myself silently.

Then, not nearly so silently, "OUCH!", I said.  Actually I yelled it.  Yes, you know it.  I almost sliced my thumb off.  Bleeding profusely.  I cannot believe this!  I'm immediately in the bathroom, away from the food, hoping I won't need stitches, afraid to look...dripping very dark red blood everywhere!  And there is so much of it! 

Fast forward a few hours.  I'm blogging with my thumb still all wrapped up in paper towels.  It's the only thing that will stem the flow.

Thank goodness, the potatoes are safe and blood-free.  I will live, and tomorrow will be a very good day!
 Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. hi to all www.reallifeinaminute.blogspot.comers this is my frst post and thought i would say hi -
    thank yous speak soon
    garry m

  2. What a lovely post, minus the blood and gore part. Only joking...I do hope your cut heals well. What irony though, to have injured yourself even though you were consciously reminding yourself to be careful. Better make sure everyone appreciates your sweetpotato casserole even more than usual. Super that your son and his cousins are cooking the turkey. I've never cooked a turkey and honestly wouldn't know where to start. Enjoy your day with your family, Sandra.

  3. Desiree, I'm a great believer in "thoughts held in mind my produce after their kind". Even though I was 'being careful', the thought I gave most of my energy to was that this cutting was 'so hard' it was almost impossible not to have an if energy and thoughts dictate, it was a natural consequence. :)

  4. Well more accidents happen in the kitchen during Thanksgiving, I read that somewhere. I am glad your OK I bet the dinner which you are probably enjoying now was wonderful. B

  5. BTW ...the turkey was amazing! So moist. Beautifully stuffed and cooked with spices and champagne! An encore is coming next year I hope.


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