Friday, November 11, 2011

A Life On The Farm

Today is November 11, 2011.   11-11-11! Any numerologists or mathematicians out there attach any special meaning to the numbers in this date? 

Since I have just gotten my 311th Follower, I decided to celebrate by spotlighting her and her blog.  I haven't worked on growing my Followers for some time now, and really, except for occasionally reading their blogs, I have largely ignored them for too long.  So, the first step in changing that is to share my newest Follower with you. 

How many female farmers do you know?  Personally, I don't know any except the ones I blog with.  My father-in-law was a farmer but his wife was anything but.  It's easy to get enthralled with the farm lifestyle and glamorize it much more than reality justifies. It does represent a beautiful connection with Nature.  But it's also cold and it's hot and animals and plants die and it is lonely....I would imagine. This farmer, somewhere in the vastness of Canada, is named Buttons.  Rather than do the introductions myself,  I decided I would use her own words to do it. 

"I am a full time farmer. I love farming. Being a woman, makes me think very differently about things that need to be done. I also love hiking in our bush,and embracing nature, a true gift. I will share the challenges, and the lifestyle changes, needed to live on this farm, which had been long abandoned. This is my journey to get to where I am today. Take this journey with me, from the beginning,and my thoughts of the day. I will try to show you with photos, what I see and do on our working farm. You never know what you might see and read. Our Journey is a personal story from when we bought this old farm and how we made it what it is today. You can read it from the beginning."

When you have a chance pop over to her blog and enjoy her writing about her journey and the realities of farm life.



  1. Oh Sandra what a surprise. This makes me want to cry (with joy not sadness like all week). It is such a nice post. I am so happy that I can get my story out. Many people have no idea what farming is all about and it was a way I thought I could help others that are starting to homestead like we did. I wish I had known more.
    Sandra your blog is truly inspirational. I am happy to be 311
    Thank you so much when I read this I wondered who that person was.
    You have made my very crazy stressful week much brighter.Thank you so much. B

  2. Oh you are so welcome! I am thrilled it made your day! I really honor farmers....we have or had many in our family. Sandra


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