Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Love Dr. Mark Moyad

One of my most popular posts of all time features Dr. Mark Moyad. He must be a pretty popular fellow, in addition to being a brilliant researcher, because he certainly draws the visitors! If you're interested in his bio, here it is.

I absolutely love him. And no, we've never dated or anything like that. I've just seen him from afar...from the lectern. The reason I like him is because he bases his information on science. What a radical thought. But, honestly, do you know how much stuff regarding our health is out there these days without a shred of scientific proof? Lots.

My blog revolves around Wellness of all sorts. So naturally I read and pay attention to the latest and greatest in the personal wellness field. I want to know what we can do at home to stay well. If the decision is in my hands, and it is to a great degree, I'd rather spend my money and time on good healthy food and the gym rather than expensive prescriptions. What should I eat and what supplements should I take? It just isn't that easy sometimes to discern fact from fiction.

Enter Dr. Mark Moyad. I lucked up on one of his lectures in Atlanta. Firstly, I was totally shocked to be met with Valet Parking AND a full course heart healthy dinner served by cute guys in white chef coats and hats, all sponsored by Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. Later Dr. Moyad was introduced and took the podium. From the very beginning he had the audience in his hand. He spoke for an hour. We would have listened for two.

Why? Because not only does he know his stuff...and can prove it...he is funny. How he makes cancer lectures entertaining, I do not know, but he does. Although his main area is prostate cancer and nutrition for men, he certainly did not limit his talk to that subject. He is all about heart-healthy. "Heart-healthy" is "all-healthy", he says.

Here are a few tidbits I remember without digging out my notes from 5 years ago:

1. Watermelon is the #1 healthiest red fruit/vegetable for men. Runner up? Tomatoes.

2. Fill a pepper grinder with flax seed and put it on your kitchen table. Use it like so many people use salt. Just shake it on all your food.

3. Bacterial hand cleaners work! They are as good as, ...and wait!...they are even better than hand washing to prevent the spread of cold and flu germs. Make sure you choose one whose active ingredient is 62%. That is scientific and proven!

4. Eggs are wonderful for you to eat. You don't have to eat Eggbeaters or just egg whites unless you just want to. This scientist says it is proven not to be a major cholesterol issue to eat eggs in moderation.

5. Take a multi-vitamin. Nothing fancy in the way of supplements.

6. We should all get a test for Vitamin D. Don't take it if you don't need it. DO TAKE IT if your blood test comes back saying you are low. Ask for this test.

There was a lot more. I hope to hear him again some day, or find my notes, and I'll report in. In the meantime you can find him on Amazon.


  1. Great tips! I did get a vitamin D test after a friend told me that she did and hers was low. I never even heard of one. Sure enough, mine was low, too. Probably common here in the rainy Northwest. So I take extra.

    I will check out his website for sure.

  2. Hello..... nice to meet you and thanks for coming by my blog and actually leaving a comment.. I am so trying to get back to my healthy self. I turn 65 this coming march and my goal is 25 lbs gone and energy level up.... I kinda let myself go the past few years while taking care of my elderly parents. Mom was 90 and Dad was 92 and I took care of them for 8 years. Forget to take care of myself... now an up hill battle...... I lost them both last fall 72 days apart so then came the depression.... Mercy... lots to overcome... BUT juicing and Dr. Mercola is helping.. I will also now go and read what Dr Moyad has to say......

    Have a fun and healthy Thursday..

  3. I really like this. Very good tips. He sounds like he knows his stuff. B


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