Saturday, November 12, 2011

GA Vs Auburn and Penn State Vs Child Abuse

Picture my living room.  Or great room, as we usually say.  Large screen TV.  Can of mixed nuts, glass of Cabernet, and cheese slices.  On the big screen Auburn is playing Georgia.  If you are from anywhere around here, you know this is a big deal.

Penn State is playing Nebraska today too.  Penn State students will have a "Blue Out" instead of their normal "White Out"... to honor victims of child abuse.  They will all wear blue.  In light of the recent happenings at Penn State and the oustings of the University President, and the forever Head Coach Joe Paterno, it's a little too late. Those two played supporting roles, maybe, hopefully, without realizing it.  The only way to live with it is to chalk it up to ignorance of the "reporting" rule that all teachers and coaches, ALL of them, are all times.  But even if there were no rule, human decency does not let this slide.

I am glad that GA and Auburn are just out there playing football today, with many fans watching on TV hollering and cheering for their teams, and none of that heart breaking sadness in the air.  I hope GA wins but it won't break my day if they don't.  It is just football.  Penn State seems to have gotten their priorities out of order.  Way out of order.  Football and the "football people" forgot it was just a job and just football, when they, by silent omission, allowed the unspeakable to continue for years to young boys looking way up to them.  They put football over all.

At least now they are finally getting it...

My husband, surrounded by his favorite foods and his dog, is telling me all about someone named Malcomb Bennett, Malcolm Mitchell, Marlin Brown, and someone last name White.  He is all excited because GA has two touchdowns, the score is 14-7, and we have all these "good" receivers.  Then there is "Hudson Mason who is a better passer than Aaron Murray", his opinion.  He likes telling me all about these people.  This relatively quiet man gets completely out of himself when he watches football. He has a great time as long as his team is winning but look out when the other team does something good!  I haven't read The Agony and The Ecstasy but I'm thinking it must have something to do with football.



  1. I don't know anything about American football Sandra. it's hard enough keeping up with English Soccer!

    I loved your next post about Solomon. What wonderful mementoes to keep and to know all that about him. I have several photos of my Greats but no writings.
    Thanks for visiting me.
    June xx

  2. I never "got" football. Baseball's my game. But what I really don't get is how Penn State could become so obsessed with a game--that's all it is: a game--that the coaches and college authorities forgot that their responsibility was to protect the young people who came to them for learning.

    I have to say that I was appalled to see the Penn State students--lots of them--protesting not the rape of a fellow student but the dismissal of the coach who'd failed that student. Somehow the priorities are so wrong and misguided.

    I'm glad that your husband so enjoys the game. You must delight in watching his joy.


  3. My husband and I are not sports fans but since he was born in Al and my dad Nebraska that's who I would have been pulling for!

  4. I'm not a football fan, but of course can't help but hearing the barrage of Penn State news. The whole story is difficult to fathom and makes no sense. You just have to wonder about things like that and what makes someone do something like what is said was done. Sick and crazy is the way it hits me.

    Ann Carbine Best visits Wrote By Rote on Saturday 11/12/11

  5. OK I never watched a football game and My Hero does not either we have never had the pleasure nor the time.
    It does make me very sad reading about the children, there are very very strange evil people hiding where least expected.

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