Monday, October 24, 2011

He Said What?

We all have things we remember our parents or others saying to us when we were young and impressionable.  They said a lot of things, of course, but some of them seem to stick more than others.  My Grandfather, Horace Cromer, always said,

"Haste makes waste."

   So many times I've heard his words ringing in my ears when something went wrong because I was in such a hurry. 

Maya Angelou, U.S. Poet Laureate, spoke at the inauguration of President Jimmy Carter (I love him and her).  She's also very well known as Oprah's mentor and her "chosen mother figure", recognized for the wisdom she has gained over the years.  Her grandmother left her with a saying too.  Blogger Being Me includes this quote on her sidebar, from Maya's grandmother. 

".... change everything you don't like about your life. But when you come to a thing you can't change, then change the way you think about it. You'll see it new, and maybe a new way to change it."

I don't know that we need to watch our every word, because it is not the ones we carefully craft that often make the biggest impact.  It is the way we live that speaks for us, and yes, some of our words stick that would probably surprise us.  I guess it
 boils down to just being the best person we can and letting it go at that.

Enjoy the day!  It is so beautiful outside here.


  1. Thank you Sandra, it's coincidental that someone recently mentioned 'hate is waste' and yes haste can lead to waste to.. ..we seemed to do that alot.. 'waste'

  2. You are right BM. We do waste a lot. For me, usually if I break something, leave something at home, run late, have an accident....all that kind of stuff.....I am rushing. It is then I hear my Grandfather saying, "Haste makes waste."

  3. Great post Sandra,
    I am becoming so aware of how I rush from one thing to another when really things go better when I take my time. I'll keep this quote with me today.

  4. This is a great post. I do love the quote from Maya Angelou. I also like your Grandfather's quote I can hear my Grandmother saying the same thing. Great post. I am truly enjoying my visit here. B


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