Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thoughts On Turning 64

I was going to snuggle in, sleep late...after all it's my birthday!  But, hark!  Why waste a moment of it sleeping?  So, instead, I'm sharing a moment with you.  And thank YOU for sharing it with me.  Enjoy listening to the Beatles while you read.  You will love the song!

If you are lucky, you'll make 64 too!  So, in celebration of that event, here are 64 things I'm sharing today.  I know it's a lot.  I'm entitled.
1.  I love getting up while it's still dark and quiet outside, at 5:30 A.M.....
2.  And I love sleeping in on a cool rainy day like today.
3.  I had caramel cake with lots of icing last night...my favorite...2 pieces.
4.  While laughing at the funniest e-bday-card and appreciating the sweetest one...at 12:02 A.M.!
5.  I'm treating myself with a trip to the library today to celebrate my mind...
6.  And a trip to the gym to celebrate my health...
7.  And a trip to town for lunch...
8.  And a pair of new hiking boots too.
9.  I know I'll get flowers tonight...
10.  And a card from the hubby.
11.  And possibly a balloon but I hope not.
12.  I have communed with God this morning
13.  And enjoyed thoughts of my wonderful children...
14.  And my friends...
15.  And my family.
16.  I am cherishing memories
17.  And hoping for certain, special, outrageous new ones
18.  Knowing more good is coming
19.  As God continues to work in my life.
20.  I will find someone to 'give' to today.
21.  Someone who needs a break.
22.  I will be extra generous with smiles today
23.  And prayers, and hugs.
24.  I will tip well.
25.  I will shower, fix my hair, and wear makeup all on the same day.
26.  And wear a favorite outfit.
27.  Tomorrow I will paint all day...a scene in Venice is emerging.
28.  I love this rainy day and hope for a little sun too.
29.  I'll photo the early leaf changes...the red ones especially.
30.  I think I'll make banana bread...
31.  And give most of it away.
32.  I will start a new book later today.
33.  I will call my mother who may or may not remember it's my birthday...
34.  And delight in calls from my kids who will remember.  I hope.
35.  I'll enjoy all my Facebook messages. For sure.
36.  I'll look forward to a mountain trip soon
37.  And love the leaves right here, right now.
38.  There are old friends I'd like to see
39.  To catch up and share a hug and a smile,
40.  Just like becoming friends all over again....
41.  I'm listening to the birds outside my window...
42.  And having yet another cup of coffee.
43.  I am loving life like always
44.  But maybe especially today.
45.  I am so thankful,
46.  I am still growing,
47.  I am still learning,
48.  I am happy.
49.  And yet I want more.  And that's a good thing.
50.  Not more things, just more life...
51.  Vibrant, exciting, new, adventurous life.
52.  And God says, "Right on, girl. It is all up to you."
53.  "I am with you always", He says.
54.  "I know", I say.  "And thank you."
55.  I want to stay within God's will.
56.  There is no safer place to be.
57.  And God says, "Keep flying from the nest."
58.  So I will step out, take risks (safe ones), and not be afraid.
59.  Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
60.  I will be strong, be happy, be centered, be restless.
61.  The world is beckoning more than when I was 25.
62.  I was so busy then.  Not so much now.
63.  I will give and grow, laugh and play, be a brighter Light, and love more.
64.  When I'm 64.

And that is TODAY!  Enjoy your day too.  We are truly reborn every day.  It just seems a little more poignant on these birthdays.  Thanks for celebrating with me!

Thanks for the birthday hug Prince William!  A friend sent me this picture of us.  How thoughtful!



  1. Happy birthday! You've got a great list going. I hope you have a fantastic day!

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the prince photo!!

  3. Happy birthday! I LOVE the picture

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  5. Thanks y'all. After Oprah's class on "Ego" last night I'm feeling a little...uhh....self-centered. But maybe it's okay on your birthday, especially at 64!


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