Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hindsight or Kindsight

Maybe you have heard the word "Kindsight" before but I never have, until yesterday.  I read it in a newsletter I get from Tricia Molloy and it caught my attention.  I just love the word!   Although my mantra is, "The best is yet to come", I still look back occasionally.  We all do.  Back there we can all find good stuff and the not-so-good stuff that makes up life.  Some days we would love to live over again, and others......."Please God, No!" 

Next time you find yourself "looking back" at one of your least favorite times, be kind to yourself.  Take a big dose of Kindsight along with your Hindsight.  Hang on to this.

View Your Life with Kindsight.

Stop Beating Yourself Up

About Things from Your Past.

Instead of Slapping Your Forehead and Asking:

"What Was I Thinking?"

Breathe and Ask Yourself the Kinder Question:

"What Was I Learning?"

~Karen Salmansohn~



  1. This is great! I love it. Something else to go in my filofax.

  2. Good question, good practise too..I like that 'kindsight'

  3. This is a terrific word and concept! Thank you!

  4. You may be interested in my blog, and my book, "KINDSIGHT®" which was published in 2005. How we choose to see life is what it becomes. Keep on...

    Robert G. Zuckerman

  5. You are very wise. You are just full of valuable lessons. I hope everyone takes time to read your posts they are very inspirational. I am learning something on this short visit. I will be back. B


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