Sunday, October 16, 2011

FOOD: Blog Action Day 2011

If you are seeing blog posts about Food everywhere you go today, it is because today is Blog Action Day 2011...and the topic is Food.  What an interesting choice.  We know music is the universal language but you could say the same about food.  We all must eat.  We differ, and even disagree, on many topics including food, but even in the midst of warring, we all take time to eat everyday.  Unless we are in a starving land.

Food, and water, keep us alive.  They are the first level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, right along with breathing.  We all partake.  We must. 

We decide each day what to eat based on what is available, what is good for us, what our culture eats, what we like, what we can afford, and our habits.  Everyday we hear about obesity.  We hear that today's children are more obese than ever in the history of the world.  We hear that more adults are diagnosed with diabetes than ever before, 8.3% of us with many more undiagnosed.  We also hear, almost daily, the latest research findings on what we should eat to keep us healthy, lean, and fit.

Most Americans say their health is their number one concern.  If so, why do we continue to make food choices that do not support a path to excellent health?  Why do we choose chocolate cake and ice cream when we could have angel food cake with fresh/frozen strawberries?  Why do we choose fried chicken and mashed potatoes over grilled chicken and broccoli?  And we seem to prefer white pasta with alfredo to marinara sauce over whole wheat pasta.  And deep dish pepperoni and sausage pizza rather than a pizza with thin crust, peppers, and onions.  We all have our own reasons.

Food sustains us.  It comforts us.  It heals us.  Sometimes it is our best friend.  It is the ultimate gift to prepare a meal and share it with those we love.  It is the first thing we give to the homeless.  It is how we celebrate our holidays.  We make food decisions every day that we live.

Just for today, in honor of Blog Action Day, let's choose to make conscious choices regarding what we eat and why.  Just observing ourselves, without judging ourselves, should be an interesting exercise. 

Every day is unique.  If it's your birthday, eat cake!  We have heard that a million times.  If it's Christmas, maybe some fudge!  Friday night at the football game, how about hotdogs?  And everyone says I must try Yeah Burger, and don't forget The Varsity.  So there ya go. We surely want to enjoy the day!  It's when these choices become habits that we get in trouble.  Like they say, "We make our habits, and then our habits make us."

If we stay conscious every day, not just today, and  hang on to moderation when deciding "to eat this, not that" and just how much to put into our bodies, our bodies will love us and reward us well.

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  1. Powerful words. Thank you for sharing. I signed up today for Blog Action Day.

  2. This is all so true. But old habits are hard to break. I know I eat horribly and always have. As I grow older I'm finding more things that no longer agree with me and more things that seem less appetizing than they once did. I'm eating a little better but still rather poorly.

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