Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do You Wear A Mask?

Well, do you? If so you'll fit right in this Halloween weekend. I keep a couple of scaaarrrryyy masks in the closet so I'm ready! Are you planning to dress up?

Costume sales for adults now out sell costumes for children. And costumes are so elaborate now.
Do you remember whipping up Halloween costumes at home for your kids? Maybe they were a pirate, a gypsy, a mummy wrapped in toilet paper? Or a witch or a devil with a pitchfork. Easy stuff.

There are those who say we dress up to get to be somebody we are not. We get to come out of ourselves you might say. I don't agree with that. When my best girlfriend of many years ago won the neighborhood costume contest wearing a cow suit covered with udders, I don't think it said a thing in the world about her desires. Just funny.

Every day we are much more likely to wear masks that don't show. Invisible ones. We pretend we are 'happy' when we are not. We say "Fine" when someone asks how we are, when maybe "Fine" is the last thing we are. We put on our "confident" masks when we walk into a room of strangers at a party, or are being announced as today's "guest speaker". Inside we are anything but confident.

Masks are appropriate in many situations as long as we take them off and "be real" with those we are closest to. Our family and our friends want to know and interact with us as we really are, with no masks. It becomes an issue in our lives, a very real issue, when we no longer can tell the difference ourselves. When we no longer know which self is our real self, we are in trouble. When we present one self to some and another to others, we are in jeopardy of losing our authenticity.

Whew! That got a little heavy for a moment. Let's get back to Halloween. I've decided to get a Wonder Woman costume and wear it every year. I think that's pretty real for most women I know. I know it's "cute". And it's fun.

Wh0 are you going to be this year? Underneath it all, just be yourself. That is the best costume of all!


  1. Great post! Wearing masks is something we learn as children so that we can please everyone. Taking those masks off as adults is tricky because we possibly have fooled ourselves and no longer know who we really are. What a trip to take a look at ourselves from a place of realness!!!
    As for me this Halloween, I want to be Thomas the Train for than my grandson will just adore me.
    Happy Halloween to you.

  2. Wonder Woman I love that. A strong woman who is not afraid to show it.
    I am going as me, plain old me. I like me so that is alright.
    I love your post it is so true there are so many different ways to wear a mask. Good post. B

  3. Good for you to wear a Wonder Woman costume...I couldn't pull that off!

    Great post. We see so many people wearing masks. It is a real joy when we see it come off as people get in touch with their true selves in our counseling office.

    joy & blessings,


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