Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are You A Feral Woman?

"Blog hopping is safer than bar hopping....I think", says a favorite blogger of mine. 

That's just a sample of her humor and the uniqueness she infuses in her blog, "Go West" Feral Woman.  At first, city girl that I am, ...well maybe just suburban....I wasn't exactly sure what "feral" meant.  I knew about wild cats that multiply like ...uh, wild cats, and forage for food and warmth where they can find it.  But what is a feral woman?  Then I saw her definition:

"Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild..."

Don't you love that?  Who doesn't have days of wanting to 'escape from domestication and become wild.'  Reminds me of living in town as a kid and throwing a rope around my bike which made it a horse... then mounting it like I saw cowboys do on TV, and riding into the horizon over jagged cliffs and wild gunfights.

Feral Woman, is fairly recently transplanted to the timbers of Montana, and is equally at home cruising timbers in work boots or out and about in high heels.  I just know she and my friend, Karen, would click right away.  Anyway, right now she is "going through it" as they say.  Yeah, I know everyone does at one time or another but this is her time.  A gifted blog writer, she makes you feel like "you are there"... whether on their timber lands or in her 'out of the blue' hospital room.

They say humor is the best medicine, and it's a great one, but so are friends, love, caring, support, doctors,  fresh berries, and prayers.  I know she has all that going on but you can't ever have too much of that list! 
Visit Feral Woman when you can, and send some Light and love in the form of a comment. Across the miles. From heart to heart.  Be well all.


  1. Oh This is a great post. My friend Feral is a very rare special creature. You have certainly did her justice in your beautifully worded post. She is very lucky to be able to have so many friends and spread her sense of humour and determination with us all. Well I truly think we are the lucky ones to have found her.
    I love the way you worded this. I found you while checking her site as I often do. She is truly loved by all. B

  2. Thanks Buttons. I am glad I found her too! Sandra


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