Thursday, September 29, 2011

Does Your Baby Know Sign Language?

Love this sweet baby from Heather Linda Young at Giants and Dinosaurs

Wow!  Did you know these little babies can learn sign language?  I mean, why not?  It's so much easier to learn when they are very young.  It's not that I've ever really NEEDED it to communicate with someone but just what if?  I guess I'd be running to find a class, enroll and learn it.  I need to do that with Spanish too but I just don't have the desire. 

But what if I had learned them when I was just a little tyke....hmmm....


  1. My children were taught the basics of sign language, and boy, was it helpful! Especially when they needed to say they were hungry or tired. It's nice not to have to read their minds. : )

  2. Good perspective. It's not just for communicating with the non-hearing population!

  3. My neighbors used sign language with their two children. It was very impressive! On the other hand, when they were old enough to talk, it got a bit confusing. Overall, though, it was amazing to see!

  4. Teaching your baby sign language is a great idea and it's never too late to start. It is something you can do while you are spending time with your baby that will be both beneficial to your baby as well as help strengthen the bond between the two of you.

    As mentioned above, it is also a great way to improve communication between the members of your family and to reduce the frustration your baby may feel from not being able to verbalize his needs. It's as if you are teaching your baby a second language--one that he can use even before being able to form word! It's truly amazing how helpful baby sign language can be for a family.

    I am a parenting and sign language expert, so I'm always excited when parents are considering sign language. If you're interested in more information about baby sign language, especially on how to get started, feel free to visit my website at or go to my Youtube page at for some videos of signing in action!


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