Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Live Well For Less

Isn't it fun to go out to lunch or dinner and only pay half of your bill?  Isn't it fun to have a massage, usually a pricey endeavor, and only pay half?  As an artist I am always spending big bucks on art supplies so getting $50 worth of paint and canvas for only $25 was quite a haul.  All this is through Groupon, the power of group buying in your own area.

There are a lot of Groupon look-a-likes out there and the latest I've heard of is Zozi.  It's been seen in all the right places lately like USA Today, National Geographic, and Fox Business.  Just a smart way to have a getaway, a new meal, a mani-pedi, or whatever at a fraction of the cost. Did I mention it was free to join?

Whenever anyone joins through my link, I receive $10 credit to spend.  The same is then immediately true for you.  Distribute the savings link to your friends and get your $10 when they sign up to play and save. 

Currently I have a massage just waiting for me and a nice lunch at Franks right on the water.  I buy them when they come available and then I get to use them at my convenience.  So very cool to shop this way.

Here's the link.  Go take a look.  And have fun with it!

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