Thursday, August 4, 2011

How To Keep Your Bones Strong

I just washed the dog, styled his hair (I'm not kidding), and sat down to watch Dr. Oz.  He is all over bone loss today.  In case you missed it, he's saying we begin to lose bone density in our 30s even though we don't notice it at all.  Don't let bone loss have it's way with you.  Here is what to do. 

How To Keep Your Bones Strong:
1.  Work on your balance.     Just practice .  Close your eyes and lift one foot for 5 seconds while balancing on your other foot.  Do it everyday. to maintain your balance.  Why?  Because the worse your balance is, the more likely you are to fall....and break one of your precious bones.  This balance thing is really a big deal even though it sounds so simple to do.

2.  In your 30s: Begin to make feeding your bones a priority.  Take calcium, about 600mg daily, Vit D 400, salmon and other cold water fish.

3.  In your 40's:  Add avocados, olive oil, almond butter, Vit K2 (found in egg yolks, cottage cheese, turnips, collards, spinach), as well as Calcium and Vit D.  Add iron too.

4.  In your 50s:  Now add protein!  Beans, legumes, egg whites, edamame.  Increase calcium to 600 mg twice a day and keep taking Vitamin D.  Stop taking iron.  You no longer need it.

He was focusing mainly on foods and supplements but I think we all know the importance of weight-beating exercise.  Not just any exercise but something that bears your weight.  Walking, running, lifting weights are all good for your bones.  Swimming and biking are great but don't really give your bones much of a boost.

My mom, at 91, has some osteoporosis and arthritis like many people her age.  Watching her mobility become more and more limited has really had an effect on me.  Life is still good for her but would be so much better if she could put that wheelchair away and just walk!  Just have to do what we can, and awareness is the first step.  If awareness is the first step, discipline is the next.  Love your bones!  Nurture them and make them strong!


  1. I have osteoporosis and your tips are very good tips.

    My osteoporsis came from having candida and not knowing. After I became sick, it took years to figure out and put a name to it.

    Now that I am healed, if you can ever heal candida, I am working on rebuilding my bones and stregth.

  2. This is really great information, I should start taking calcium. I always think about or talk about doing it, but after reading this post, I should really just start.

    Thank you for posting this, it's really valuable. I'm stopping by from voiceBoks, have a great weekend!


  3. I am so happy when I see others post on info like this! Bone loss is no laughing matter and it's odd that the only thing many people think to do is drink milk when the lifestyle is really the culprit. Keep posting ideas like this. Women need to see it!


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