Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is Your Life A Joy?

This video is such a treat!  I'm so glad to share it with you.  It was just published this week.  The speaker, Carole O'Connell, tells us life is a joy.  Do you agree?  Is yours?  She says we can have what we want, that we can choose.  Do you agree with that too?  Are you creating your life or observing and reacting as life happens to you?

Carole refers over and over to the Universe, a term more and more people are using. You might be more comfortable with "God" rather than "Universe". God really doesn't mind which we use.

Each of us has our own individual understanding of God.  I know mine has changed over the years, and what is most important about those changes is that my relationship with God is personal, alive, and growing. The path hasn't  always been straight and narrow.  Indeed, it has zig zagged all over the place, but no matter what, it always connects me with God and deepens our sacred relationship. 

Listen and Enjoy!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Make This 1 Food Swap When Eating Out

The following post is by Josh Bezoni, a nutrionist who has worked with thousands of people.  He is talking about how he manages to travel so much and still hang on to healthy eating and a slim waistline.  He has You Tube videos and a book, and you can find him on Facebook and Twitter as well.  He does have some good info to share.

"I’m in Vegas on business and there is “bad” food everywhere. Talk about Sin City—pizza, ice cream, burgers and HUGE portions have taken over this place. 

But I’m not going to let a little travel get in the way of my flat belly goals (I’m really on a roll lately), so here’s what I’m doing to keep things healthy while on the road:

Go grocery shopping. Right off the plane I made a pit stop at an organic grocery store to load up on healthy foods for my hotel room. I’m talking about apples, almond butter, string cheese, lunch meat, almond milk, veggies, hummus, protein powder and my own trail mix with almonds, pistachios, walnuts, dried cherries and pumpkin seeds. Yum! (I carry this trail mix with me everywhere in case I get hungry.)

Ditch the mini-bar. I called the hotel ahead of time and asked them to remove all the junk food from my room and to clean out the mini-bar refrigerator so I could use it for my food. Why put yourself through that kind of temptation? One moment of bad judgment can result in an extra 1000 calories on your belly. (Believe me, I know.)

Pass on the dinner rolls. While dining out I tell the waiter to skip the bread before my meal (save hundreds of calories right there) and to bring out a dinner salad instead.

Make this 1 food swap when eating out. I swap out any “heavy carbs” that come with my meal (piles of potatoes, rice, breads, pastas) for extra veggies or a dinner salad. “Hold the heavy carbs, add extra protein and veggies” will prevent a lot of belly fat when dinning out—easily 1000 calories. It’s a simple yet effective swap.

Fruit for dessert. I love something sweet after dinner, but I’m skipping the 750 calorie cheese cake for a bowl of mixed berries with a dab of real whipped cream. It hits the spot.

Find a safe haven. I found this little organic food joint in a nearby hotel and I’m eating as many of my meals from there as I can schedule. Grass fed beef, eggs from free range chickens, wholesome fruits and veggies… it’s my little safe haven in Sin City.

Cheat meal. I’ve got one big cheat meal planned for this 4-day trip and I can’t wait. I’m going to hit up a little pizza place I’ve been eye-balling over the last few days. Cheat meals are really important both mentally and physically (an occasional increase in calories can boost metabolism) so things don’t get too monotonous.

With Energy,

Coach Josh

Hope you picked up some good ideas, or maybe some inspiration!  I know I did.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Live Well For Less

Isn't it fun to go out to lunch or dinner and only pay half of your bill?  Isn't it fun to have a massage, usually a pricey endeavor, and only pay half?  As an artist I am always spending big bucks on art supplies so getting $50 worth of paint and canvas for only $25 was quite a haul.  All this is through Groupon, the power of group buying in your own area.

There are a lot of Groupon look-a-likes out there and the latest I've heard of is Zozi.  It's been seen in all the right places lately like USA Today, National Geographic, and Fox Business.  Just a smart way to have a getaway, a new meal, a mani-pedi, or whatever at a fraction of the cost. Did I mention it was free to join?

Whenever anyone joins through my link, I receive $10 credit to spend.  The same is then immediately true for you.  Distribute the savings link to your friends and get your $10 when they sign up to play and save. 

Currently I have a massage just waiting for me and a nice lunch at Franks right on the water.  I buy them when they come available and then I get to use them at my convenience.  So very cool to shop this way.

Here's the link.  Go take a look.  And have fun with it!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Look For The Gift. It Is There.

I just love this quote.  It's one of my "Just Do It Everyday" tips posted on the sidebar.  Sometimes we get in touchy situations and it is just so disturbing!  And we can't even think about looking for the gift, or the blessing.  I'm in one of those times right now.

But, this is what I really believe:  No matter what is going on it our lives, no matter what is happening or how hard it is,  a gift will come out of it.  Eventually.  Maybe not today, but in time we will see the gift.

There are some people who never do...those who are chained to appearances, or reality they might say.  They refuse to look for it.  Not interested.  They'd rather just dwell on how bad it is.  Do you know anybody like that?  So frustrating.

 This week has been full of those days for me.  Everything seems to be going along fine.  Then, slam!   Everything blows up.   It's Thursday night and I feel like I've been to hell and back, key work "BACK".  I'm already beginning to see the smoke clearing and a bigger picture emerging.  I'm beginning to see the potential gift in what looks like a big mess.

 I wish this for you too.  When things are stressful and not working out according to plan, just take a deep breath.  Give it a little time.  Talk it out with someone you trust to empty yourself of the fear and other negative emotions.  Now you have room in there for some good to come in and fill the space you've created.  Even if it's a tiny crack in the issue, that's all you need to plant seeds of positivity and allow the good, and the better, to grow.

Never give up.  Always reach out.  And reach within.  If you can't yet see the gift, just allow yourself to believe there is one.  The best is yet to come.  Don't go down with a sinking ship. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Days Of School Blog Carnival

Welcome! With a typical learning curve and little fan fare, I hereby announce my First Blog Carnival! I'm still feeling my way through the maze of how-tos, and I know my brain thanks me. Would love to have you join me! I'll do my best to make you 'famous'.

Seriously, if you are a student, parent, teacher, neighbor, bus driver, concert-goer, political aspirant, grandmother, or entrepreneur, no doubt you remember your first days of school each year.

What made them stay in your memory? What do you suggest for those taking that step this year? I can't imagine anyone's "back-to-school" memories being of little value, which is another way to say, "I value your thoughts on this subject."

Please submit the permanent URL to your article , or email your article to me, and help me launch this factual, humorous, intelligent, worthwhile, and memorable Blog magazine.

Blog Carnival submission form - first days of school

I look forward to sharing your writing!


Friday, August 5, 2011

How To Predict Your Favorite Movie

A friend sent me this and I thought I'd share.  Let me know how it comes out for you.  She says it never fails.  Don't worry, it's easy.

Movie Test:

1. Pick a number from 1-9.

2. Multiply by 3.

3. Add 3.

4. Multiply by 3 again..

5. Now add the two digits of your answer together to find your predicted favorite movie in the list of 17 movies below:

Movie List:

1. Gone With The Wind

2. E.T.

3. Blazing Saddles

4. Star Wars

5. Forrest Gump

6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

7. Jaws

8. Grease

9. The Obama farewell speech of 2013

10. Casablanca

11. Jurassic Park

12. Shrek

13. Pirates of the Caribbean

14. Titanic

15. Raiders of the Lost Ark

16. Home Alone

17. Mrs. Doubtfire
I would say "Gotcha!", but I was 'had' too!  I didn't even see it coming, and I know how these things work!  Did you?  I don't like political jokes at all, but, well, I fell into this one before I knew it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How To Keep Your Bones Strong

I just washed the dog, styled his hair (I'm not kidding), and sat down to watch Dr. Oz.  He is all over bone loss today.  In case you missed it, he's saying we begin to lose bone density in our 30s even though we don't notice it at all.  Don't let bone loss have it's way with you.  Here is what to do. 

How To Keep Your Bones Strong:
1.  Work on your balance.     Just practice .  Close your eyes and lift one foot for 5 seconds while balancing on your other foot.  Do it everyday. to maintain your balance.  Why?  Because the worse your balance is, the more likely you are to fall....and break one of your precious bones.  This balance thing is really a big deal even though it sounds so simple to do.

2.  In your 30s: Begin to make feeding your bones a priority.  Take calcium, about 600mg daily, Vit D 400, salmon and other cold water fish.

3.  In your 40's:  Add avocados, olive oil, almond butter, Vit K2 (found in egg yolks, cottage cheese, turnips, collards, spinach), as well as Calcium and Vit D.  Add iron too.

4.  In your 50s:  Now add protein!  Beans, legumes, egg whites, edamame.  Increase calcium to 600 mg twice a day and keep taking Vitamin D.  Stop taking iron.  You no longer need it.

He was focusing mainly on foods and supplements but I think we all know the importance of weight-beating exercise.  Not just any exercise but something that bears your weight.  Walking, running, lifting weights are all good for your bones.  Swimming and biking are great but don't really give your bones much of a boost.

My mom, at 91, has some osteoporosis and arthritis like many people her age.  Watching her mobility become more and more limited has really had an effect on me.  Life is still good for her but would be so much better if she could put that wheelchair away and just walk!  Just have to do what we can, and awareness is the first step.  If awareness is the first step, discipline is the next.  Love your bones!  Nurture them and make them strong!