Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Does This Dream Mean?

Do you remember your dreams?  Don't you just wonder what they mean?  If anything?

Here is a dream that was so vivid I wrote it down upon waking.

Larry and I are at a wrestling match.  I just happen to be in the stands near where the wrestlers come in.  I run down to ringside to watch them enter, so I can see them up close.  Meanwhile some very old friends of mine are sitting about halfway up the stands. 

They say, "She can't hear us."       "Yes, I can", I say.

Oddly enough I am potting plants at ringside as the wrestlers come in.  I don't have on any bottoms so everyone in the stands sees my bare behind.  One wrestler comes over to me and puts a plastic cup over my right boob.  Then the other guy puts the cup over the left boob....on top of my clothes.

The wrestlers are about 7 feet tall and don't seem to dislike each other at all.  They don't seem like they are going to fight.

At that point I wake up.  It seems so unrelated to my life.  I don't even watch wrestling! 

Do you think dreams mean anything?  Do you think we should pay attention to them?  Do you think we are getting messages somehow, or that it's just a conglomeration of memories, thoughts, and events.

I'd love to know what you think.


  1. Wow! What a dream. LOL.. I have no idea what dreams mean, that one was a doozey.

    Thank goodness, if I dream, I hardly ever remember them.

  2. That is a wild dream! I do believe dreams mean something - specifically a friend bought me a book about dreams. Certain themes mean your worried about money, health, insecurities etc.

  3. My Journey....I know. That's why I wrote it down and wondered about it! Bazaar.

    TV: Sometimes I believe they mean something...usually you can read something in. This time....nothing. I just don't know.

  4. My hubby dreams every night and always has long accounts of them, whereas I might have one little scene very occasionally.
    I do think that some prolific authors may rely on dreams for their ideas.
    Hope someone can help you with yours if it stays on your mind.

  5. Your dream sounds like one of mine.

    I have had a dream where I was a dinosaur. A person was coming after me. I started roaring in my sleep and in reality.

    I had another one where I was a werewolf and people were after me trying to shoot me with a silver bullet. I woke my husband up with another growl.

    The only one that I could make any meaning out of was this one: When I was prego with my youngest, I dreamed that I gave birth to a bullfrog. His nursery was decorated in Lambs and Ivy frogs. I had low amniotic fluid and he was a breech baby.

    Visiting from VoiceBoks.


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