Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's All Organic Too

Trending on Twitter right now is #wheneverimbored.  It's interesting to see how others in this world complete that sentence.  I think the reason I am so rarely bored is that I am so easily entertained.  Take today.

The AJC, big ole newspaper in Atlanta, was advertising The Tomato Sandwich Festival right here in River City, I mean Canton, today.  I would never miss such a celebration IF I knew it was happening.  So off we go.  We drive about 10 miles out of town and see a small sign, "Tomato Sandwich Festival". 

"Do you think this is it?", we said to each other.

"Yep.  This is it."  "We need a parking place."

"Well then, just pull over."

Done.  Ten steps, we're in.

I always see this charming, little quarter acre garden when I go to town.  The hand painted mural has been a landmark there for many years and I realize that is all I know about it...until today.  While enjoying a free tomato sandwich, which you made yourself, I heard the story.  This was an empty lot for a long time.  Then the owner, Roy, decided to let folks come in, bring their own stuff, grab a little, little, little plot....more like a flower bed, and plant.  They can plant whatever they want, they take care of it, weed, water it, love it.  Just don't you dare put a chemical on it.

Some folks grow corn, some grow sunflowers, some grow tomatoes, gourds, peppers, marigolds, and berries.  It's all there.  Today you could look around the garden, then grab a couple pieces of white bread, slab on some mayo, help yourself to sliced tomatoes, salt and pepper, and sweet tea.  They even had unsweet tea!  That, I found truly amazing.

The folks who have a plot can eat all their produce, give it away, share some of it....whatever they want to do.  It's all theirs. Though Roy owns this lot, the "city" has made one of their "worthless" lots over by the water tower, available to potential organic farmers.  I'm on the list.  Next year I may have my own little farm.  I need to break that news to my husband gently.

Here are the other Festival Goers. It was just so cool.  Roy should be very proud.

She said, "I wish I'd brought my green umbrella!"

He likes his tomato sandwich sans bread.
I'll let you know when it's going to be next year. I may be there sharing my own tomatoes!


  1. Sounds like a perfect day!!! Catching up via VoiceBoks!! Have a great rest of the weekend!!

  2. Great looking blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. Now following you and looking forward to your future posts!


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