Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Ways To Make Taking Your Pet On Vacation Easier

We are, right now, live from "The Beach".  It is the first time we've actually taken Buddy along on vacation with us.  We must have been out of our minds.  Actually, it was all my husband's idea.  I'll blame it on him!

Although I'm exaggerating, and it has been nice having him with us, I am glad this is a short trip so we can 'learn the ropes'...kind of like a trial run.  So far, this is what we have discovered.  And #1 is a big one!

1. When you use a pet-friendly hotel, the rooms are not as nice as you'd put it mildly.  In short, don't trust the carpet. 

Solution:  Never take off your flip-flops! 

2. Make sure your room does not face the parking lot.  People come and go at all hours and, even though you don't even notice these little noises and flashing lights, your liffle Buddy does.  His little ears perk right up and he has to bark and 'make them go away'.  Meanwhile you are waking up....indeed, if you ever went to sleep in the first place!

Solution:  Request a room on the 'dark side' away from parking if possible.  Close the drapes.  Put his dog bed as far from the window as possible and run the AC all night to create background noise.

3.  You can't leave the pet in the hotel room alone.  Huge one!  This little tidbit was not shared with us until I saw it posted upon check-in.  People probably ignore this rule.  We thought and thought about how we could have dinner with the dog with us.  He can't go in a restaurant or even on a patio outside.  It's way TOO HOT to leave him in the car under a tree....even for 5 minutes. 

Solution:  As we say in math class, this one has No Solution.  Kind of like trying to divide by zero.  You either leave him in the room and hope for the best or you don't eat out.

4.  We like an early walk on the beach before everyone else gets out there and were so excited to take Buddy to run on the beach for the first time.  Not nearly as excited as the first time we took the kids, but still excited.  Everything is looking good until he gets tired and begins walking at a snail's pace.  We wanted to walk a looooong way for a looooong time.  He wanted to walk his usual 15 minute morning walk...and that's all.

Solution:  One person takes Buddy and goes back to the room.  That would be me.  My husband does "mornings only" on the I'll let him have this time and I'll come back after while.

5.  Time for breakfast after our walk.  Same issue again.  He can't be left in the room alone.

Solution:  Eat breakfast in shifts or bring it to the room.

The best solution, other than leaving the little mutt at home, is to rent a little cottage, not a hotel room.  If you're staying a week or so, it could give you a lot more freedom.

It just occurred to me how some of this sounds like taking a toddler to the beach.  But then you've got Grandma falling all over herself to babysit so you can go play.  Dang it, we should've brought a Grandma!

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