Friday, June 10, 2011

New Use For Vitamin D

The Vitamin D I am talking about is the kind that comes directly out of the sky...from the sun.  Pure, unadulterated Vitamin D...the best kind in small doses.  I'd rather sit in the sun everyday for 10 minutes than  have to swallow a pill.  Probably a really big pill.

It is hot here.  Early this morning it was 90 degrees in the shade.  By now it's close to 95.  I had wet sheets in the washing machine at the same time all this monstrous heat energy was streaming from sun. sheets got a lucky break, missed the dryer, and got to lay out in the sun. 

Looks like a fort doesn't it.  The kind you built when you were small.  Your kids and your grandkids all build the same fort.  I'm betting on that.  There is no one to play inside my fort today.  It's only function is to soak up the rays and!  If the Home Owners Association people decide to drive by while my fort is out there I am in big trouble.  A letter would show up in my mailbox pronto.  It seems forts and clotheslines are just not tolerable to many. Too bad.  I'm willing to risk it though.

Get your Vitamin D everyday, one way or another.  Me?  In just a few minutes I have built my fort in the sun, read one chapter in my book, had a lemonade, and folded my now-dry sheets.  I have soaked up my daily dose and used energy the natural way.  My sheets will smell heavenly too.  Just don't tell the HOA!


  1. I have MUCH love for the sunny days! Hope you were wearing your SPF!

    Following along from the vB blog hop!

  2. Almost always yes on the sunscreen. Big believer in that. Thx for the visit.


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