Saturday, June 25, 2011

Laugh And Be Well

Help!  I'm stuck under the hood!!!

We all know that laughter is "good for what ails you".  We all love to be around those people in our lives who are just plain funny.  It's not that we want to be constantly entertained.  It's that when we are with people who make us laugh, we leave feeling better about ourselves and others.
Print by Connie Haley.

Joel Osteen, the smiling TV preacher talked about this on May 1, 2011.

He says to "Find some reason to laugh everyday.  Our immune system contains NK cells   (natural killer cells)......they destroy the bad cells.  Negative emotions weaken our NK cells.  Happiness, laughter grow our NK cells.  We sure do want to have lots of these!  Laughter is as powerful as many drugs with no side effects.  Laughter releases healing inside of makes us younger, calmer, and more creative as the "good stuff" flows through our bodies."

I remember seeing the movie "Patch Adams" with Robin Williams, one of the funniest people "I know".  He is just gifted in the area of hilarity!  In the movie he visited patients and brought joy and smiles to their bedsides.  Although not as "out of the box" as Robin Williams, hospitals are now bringing in laughter programs, funny movies, and clowns to patients. 

"What if I'm just more serious?", you might say.  Many of us feel that way.  But as children we all laughed.  We were generally good natured and silly sometimes.  Joel reminds us to "Hold on to the child within you.  Be extremely joyful and never forget how to laugh.  Happiness is good for you!!!  Be full of joy." 

"As we age", he continues, "don't turn into a grumpy old man or woman.  Stay full of joy.  Have a smile.  Have fun.  Tell jokes.   Keep that child inside.  Old is an inside job.  Don't think old thoughts.  The real you is ageless.  Go with it!" 

Stay young in your mind.  You are someone's pride and joy.  Live that image.  Have fun and enjoy your life.  If you are not a "laugher", at least be good natured.  Release the stress.
I loved it when he said "Laughter is the Drano for your life.  Release the clogs...clean out the pipes.  And     enjoy your children 'even when'.   Seek out humor to be younger, stronger, healthier. 

Some people think of the Bible as a rule book.  "Do this.  Don't do that."  Some feel it is antiquated.  But, whatever else it says, the Bible does remind us to:  "Finish your course with joy."  "Stay full of joy."

Enjoy the day!

Job 8:21   And fill your mouth with laughter.