Saturday, June 4, 2011

Barefoot and Blogging

You may have noticed I haven't been blogging for awhile.  I am not sure why my interest waned but it did.  While it is true I have been more distracted than usual, this often adds a richness to my writing instead of a dearth!  No matter what you do, the most important aspect is your level of passion for it.  You know all about passion.  It's when you lose yourself in your work...or in your play.  It's when you realize you've worked through lunch and haven't even noticed.  It fires you up from within and inspires you with a feeling of ...."bring it on, I can't wait".  For some reason I have lost a little of that feeling, the intensity I love, the joy of everyday.

I haven't "over thought" it.  Rather I've just been going with the flow, following my heart.  And writing just hasn't been there.  Blogging hasn't either.

I wonder if it is because it is almost summer.  School is out, suddenly it seems, and it is extremely hot here.  I've been uncharacteristically content with a Wendy's chocolate frosty or a slice of watermelon, and a good book.  It seems I've gotten quite lazy doesn't it?

When I sat down to blog the other day, I didn't get past the sitting down part.  Underneath my desk was a pair of shoes.  I take that back, there were three pairs.

 I was barefooted, needing neither.  It seemed everywhere I went in the house, there were more shoes!   In my studio where I paint...a pair of shoes.

 By the sofa where I, yes, watch a little TV...more shoes.

  By my bedside....a pair of shoes. 

I am just feeling no need in the world to put them on my feet.  At least I have gathered them all back to their resting places in the closets.

In the name of wellness, I read recently that those who experience knee pain upon walking should go without shoes.  If they must wear shoes, the article suggested a flexible shoe like a flip flop!  Who knew the flip flop was an orthopedic shoe!  Supposedly the ease of flexing your foot muscles when walking without a stiff shoe is good for your knees.  So there is your health lesson for today.

I plan to continue enjoying these warm days of late spring.  You too, I hope. Wiggle your toes in the sand, the water, the grass, the carpeting, the mud...whatever you have around you.

 "When I was little" we were given permission to start going bare-footed and wearing summer shorts outside in May.  It was just so exciting! Maybe I have just been reliving that wonderful time, kicking back a little, and preparing for full blown summer. I know I'll be writing from the pool soon.  It's wi-fi now!  Progress!


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  3. But it is good to get outside and just enjoy! Maybe you are due a blogging break ;-)

    You made me laugh with all the pictures of your wayward shoes. Or it is really a wayward owner? hehe.

    Enjoy summer. We had a beautiful day in the UK yesterday and I went out with my inlaws and had lunch on a lake. Today it is miserable and raining so I will probably do a couple of blog posts.

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  5. I'm a new follower from Super Stalker and I love going barefoot!! I have shoes all over the place too (and I LOVE my shoes) but the moment I get home, off they come and I am walking everywhere barefoot.

  6. Same thing here - just not into sitting in front of the computer for hours on end right now. In addition to writing your own blog & making rounds to your blogger friends, tweeting, and then facebooking (which I've eliminated, outside the blog page - HUGE chunk of my life I've gotten back ditching personal facebook!)

    Think we just need to follow our hearts with our bare feet and let the energies guide us. Enjoy!

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  8. I am now following your blog. I haven't been blogging for weeks but I'm glad to be back now. Seeing other blogs like yours just motivates me. and


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