Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Always Weigh Naked


My husband is "trying" to lose weight.  He has gained 15-20 pounds in the last year.  He knows, and I know, it is about working too long, becoming stressed, and relieving that stress with comfort food.  Knowing it, and doing something about it, are two different things though, aren't they.

I weigh, when and if, I think I'll get a pleasing result.  If I know I'm a little heavy, I'm not going to weigh.  When I'm thinking all is well.....or I'm starting a new healthy campaign....then I will weigh.  Weighing takes place only in the morning, straight out of the shower, before coffee.  That's how I get my "best number".  My husband will sometimes weigh fully clothed! "Why?", I ask him.  Do you want to be depressed?   I would never, never, never do that.  If I do, then I have to have the conversation with myself about how much the clothes weigh.  Why bother?

My mantra is "only weigh naked".  If that isn't, or is no longer, your best view of yourself, just close your eyes when you pass the mirror.  Go for your best number.  Make yourself happy!

My belief is this.  When we spend time and energy fluffing around about weight and diets, it is just a pure luxury.  Like thinking about new haircuts.  When that "sort of material" is occupying our thoughts... it's not a bad thing.  It just means that nothing we might call " really bad" is going on.

Have you noticed when you are distracted by some troubling issue in your life, or your family's life, you really are not concerned about what you weigh or how your hair looks?  If someone close to you gets a cancer diagnosis, or you hear of a tragic accident touching someone you care about, .....it consumes you. It's all you can think about and talk about.  So consider yourself fortunate if all you have to kvetch about today is how to lose a few pounds and how to make your hair shinier.  It really is a luxury isn't it?  I say enjoy those sweet times to the hilt!

In the meantime, on those really good skinny days, weigh empty, weigh early, and weigh naked!

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