Saturday, May 21, 2011

Art Under A Hot Tent

Today has been a scorching hot day!  That is, if you were outside, in the sun all day at an Arts Festival in Georgia.  The Festival continues tomorrow and it's supposed to be even warmer!  I am experiencing that feeling from childhood after spending the day in the sun at the ciy pooled---wiped out!  Once this blog is posted I am turning "up" the AC and crawling in bed to go to sleep!  And it's only 7:00 PM!

The Studio where I paint is participating in the town Arts Festival and today was the first day.  We have a tent full of art from several different artists.  If you've ever had such dreams, let me just tell you it is a lot of work.  It's fun too but I'm just sayin'...

I'm showing 5-6 paintings.  So far one has sold. That means the others are still available.  If you like original art by outsiders, let me know.  I'd love to sell a couple more this weekend, framed or unframed.  The photographs aren't great (that's another story) but you might enjoy seeing them anyway.

Enjoy this summery feeling weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is Your Hair Edgy Or Aging?

Yesterday when I was bloghopping I came across the words just stay current. I don't remember where I saw it or the context, but since it has been my personal mantra for some time now, I decided to write about it today. It's for everybody but for those of us gettin' on up there, as they say, take notes!

Jan, an old friend, and I were talking a few years ago about aging....we were really talking about our hair, how we were wearing it, the color and things like that. It is so very easy to get stuck in a hairstyle, right ladies? I mean you will still see us walking down the street with Farrah Fawcett wings, especially if we hit our stride in the 80s. Dorothy Hamill hair is still out there. Helmet hair out there. Sprayed hair, permed hair, and fixed hair are all still out there.....and a lot of these folks have had it that way a loooooooooong time.

So here's my take on that. We all want to look as young as we can, go on, admit it,you do, surely. But we don't want to look like a teenager. I mean, we don't buy our clothes in the junior department do we? What I am getting at is what we really want, I think, is to look current. Even if we don't have the latest and the greatest fashions, makeup and hairstyle, we want to look like we are at least in this century! We want to stay current. Not young, really, but current, maybe even a little edgy.

Think of other areas of real life. Like scanning your groceries and checking yourself out. I really don't like to do that, but I do it every now and then because I want to know how. I want to be able to. Train the brain while it is trainable :) and learn all you can, while you can. I don't want to look up one day and find that I no longer know how to navigate this fast moving world because I just haven't kept up along the way.

My sweetest aunt, years ago, refused to pump her own gas when self pumps first came out. No way was she going to do that. She didn't learn it. She didn't do it. Good thing she's passed on, I guess, because she'd have to be doing it now, wouldn't she!

Think of the ways older folks can get left behind. Using the Internet to communicate is a huge one. Have you noticed how your land line doesn't ring as much as it used to? My mother has a terrible time with that one. Doesn't understand it. Today we are more likely to email, text, Facebook, and Tweet!

You can dig your heels in where you are or you can get out there, learn, and change with the rest of the world. You can insist on writing checks if you want to, but pretty soon you'll be the only one doing it. Go ahead, get with the flow early on. Learn it while everybody else is learning it, while your brain is spry and it learns fast. Folks who are set in their ways even have trouble watching TV these days. Used to you just turned on the TV and watched. Now, those remotes, OMGosh! You need an MIT grad to operate them!

So, older folks like me, hang out with some younger folks who speak the new language and learn it. Don't just always get them to do it for you. Learn how. Pay your bills online. Scan your groceries. Get an Ipod for Christmas. Have a digital camera and learn all about it. Find out all the stuff your smart phone will do. And if the same person's been doing your hair for 10 years, try someone new!

You bloggers are all over this, I know, so I don't know why I'm preaching to the choir. But I bet you know someone who is aging too fast, stuck in the past. Nice place to visit. Don't pitch a tent there. Learn something new. Stay current or be left behind!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers Don't Know Everything

Contrary to Hallmark cards and popular opinion this time of year, our mothers do not know everything.  Mothers, after all, are just grown up babies.  They had to learn just like we do...a lot of trial and error. 

I am one of the lucky ones with an amazing mother who was, and is, always there for me.  She could do just about anything, and do it extremely well. Her ability to take whatever she had in her surroundings and whip it into something beautiful and serviceable was legendary.   She always pulled for the underdog and wouldn't hurt a flea, but you weren't so convinced of that when you had to pick a switch off the old peach tree.

My mother is 91 years old today!  It's almost impossible for me to believe it....especially since part of me thinks I'm still only 36 when I'm really 63.  Find that hard to believe too.  Mother is my role model for living.  Many of her ways are my ways although I've grown way outside that box.  Sometimes I think that's a good thing.  Sometimes I know life would be simpler and safer had I not.

Happy Birthday Mother!  Remember this picture taken 30 years ago?  It was a fun family time.  See you tonight and we'll play all weekend and take some new pictures!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Younger and Healthier In 30 Days

Bob Greene, Oprah's personal trainer and author of several "get healthy" books, recently talked about the things we can do today to grow younger!  Our actual age won't change but how we look and feel will change.  I've been anxiously waiting until May 1 to begin my own 30-Day Challenge based on his recommendations.  It will be an experiment of a sort just to see what happens for me.

I.  Exercise  (to make your metabolism work better all day)

A.  I will exercise 200 minutes a week for 30 days.  I can spread it out as it fits my schedule.  He did say walking on a flat treadmill does very little good so that's off the list. I don't do that anyway.  Too boring.  My Ipod is charging right now so later today I can take a loooong walk and not be bored. 

B.  I will grab a set of weights 3 times a week and actually use them.  Pushups, yoga, and stretching are all in my plan.

C.  I will do a couple of classes at the gym each week.  My favorites are Zumba and Kickboxing.

II.  Nutrition

A.  I will eat from my list of "super foods" every day. 

B.  I will cut back on sweets and cope with stress another way.

C.  I will drink diet drinks only if they are sweetened with Splenda or Stevia, no Aspertame.

D.  I will plan better and eat from my list of healthy meals rather than just grab something.

E.  I will not be rigid.  Doesn't work for me.

III.  Skin Care

A.  I will take care of my skin at night, not just in the morning.

B.  I will get a head-to-toe skin check by a dermatologist since I am very fair complected.

C.  I will remember to exfoliate, cleanse, and nourish my skin daily.

D.  I will use sunscreen when I am outside.

IV.  Sleep

A.  I will sleep 7 hours a night.

V.  Supplements

A.  I will take a daily multi-vitamin including D.

B.  I will take Omega-3 and Calcium.

C. I will take White Bean Extract to prevent starches from turning into sugar.

How will I measure the results of this 30 Day plan?  Basically I'll look at weight.  If I lose 5 pounds I'll be happy.  If I am eating less sugar, I'll be really pleased.  Aging is a given.  To know I am doing my part to age gracefully is what I want.

If you'd like a copy of my super foods list or my healthy meal list, just email me and I'll be happy to share.

Enjoy the day!